Vacuum Warrior

Vacuum Warrior

Incremental Idle Game

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4.6 (239)
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Incremental Idle Game
Vacuum Warrior is a Free-to-Play incremental idle game. Embark on a dust-busting adventure, vacuuming up ridiculous amounts of dust with industrial-grade vacuums and trusty robot companions, all from the comfort of your couch.

Upgrade your vacuums, boost your idle gains, and enhance your robot vacuums as you earn achievements and explore many exciting locations in the Vacuum Warrior universe!

Watch the numbers go up in this incremental idle game featuring:

* Numerous vacuums
* Automation
* Tons of dust to vacuum
* Sell your dust for profit
* Prestige to explode your gains
* Upgrade your robot vacuums
* Hire managers to help you
* Find valuable chests
* Unlock a wide range of achievements
* Experience unique game mechanics
* Enjoy endless fun!

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Review Breakdown

Amusing despite flaws

Alright, it was a somewhat-interesting challenge for a few days, with a lot of detail, a lot of choices to be made, and a progression of increasing capabilities to get. But I’ve deleted it, and probably won’t play it again. One of the biggest flaws is the lack of ‘flow’ - you can sell dirt for money, and the money piles up until you can buy the one thing that’s for sale, and after that, money is useless. Until you restart (“prestige” is NOT a verb, btw), then you have to start over from scratch and have to do everything all over again that you already did, which is a colossal bore. You can turn dirt into money, but you can’t turn any of the other ‘things’ into anything else, so you spend all your time with a handful of gold that isn’t enough to get anything useful, a handful of silver that isn’t enough to get anything useful, a pile of junk you can’t use for anything useful, while accumulating piles of various kinds of dirt that are only useful for speeding up the accumulation of dirt or selling for money that isn’t useful. IF you could trade money for gold or silver and then trade those for what you need, the game would be a thousand times better. And oh yes, it would sure be nice if the ‘managers’ would reliably work, instead of doing NOTHING even when they’re assigned somewhere.

I can countTue, Apr 9, 2024
United StatesUnited States

love it so far, has a lot of potential

i think this game has a ton of potential. i’ve seen some say it’s similar to lbr but who says that’s a bad thing? lbr is a great concept and fun and so is this. triple a companies make the exact same game with smaller changes than this and lbr have and get massive praise still. i see the devs of this game care abt it as evidenced by the consistent updates so far and id love to see this game get fleshed out as well as lbr. same awesome concept with a different theme works for games like this and i cant wait to see what this game becomes seeing as its still a very young game. my only gripe is the character movement is a bit spastic but that doesn’t impede the gameplay, its more of a visual thing. maybe j refine that and its a perfect game for how early in its life it is. great work devs, i cant wait to see where you take this game!!!

HdjfgxjfhducSun, Apr 7, 2024
United StatesUnited States


Every ad I watch glitches at the end. It makes me have to force close the app and not receive my reward for watching a 2 minute ad. I only came her because their “contact support” link is also glitched and doesn’t work

Freddy B. fetchSat, Mar 30, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Leaf Blower Revolution

Play the real game called Leaf Blower Revolution. This game copied it, and the real game is about 1000x better.

AngrybirdabeThu, Mar 7, 2024
United StatesUnited States


Leaf Blower Revolution Clone 😂

šätàñWed, Feb 21, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Actually fun

This game is actually fun and pretty addicting and i dont think ive gotten any ads i didnt ask for, expansions for permanent buffs are pretty cheap if your into spending money on phone games definitely a time passer

grunge frogSat, Feb 17, 2024
United StatesUnited States

So in depth

Great game! Lots to do and the fun doesn’t stop

Dave173842069Thu, Feb 15, 2024
United StatesUnited States
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DOWNLOAD 13.5KMar 2024Worldwide
REVENUE$174Mar 2024Worldwide
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Thu, Jan 18, 2024
Update Date
Sun, Apr 7, 2024
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Apr 3, 2024
Suck It Up
What's New
6 days ago
* Achievements now show their numerical progress
* Login sync. Creating an account or logging in will sync your saves to the cloud
* The chest achievement correctly triggers for unlocking multiple levels at once
* Major achievement refactoring
* Opening multiple chests counted as one for statistics, chores, and achievements
* Fixed active shop bot count
* Fixed constant loading overlay when inputting incorrect login credentials
* Handle additional network errors
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Free Ad Rewards
Expert Pack
250 Golden Vacuum Tokens
2000 Golden Vacuum Tokens
1000 Golden Vacuum Tokens
500 Golden Vacuum Tokens
12000 Golden Vacuum Tokens
5000 Golden Vacuum Tokens

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