The Quest Classic -Celtic Rift

The Quest Classic -Celtic Rift

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The Quest Classic - Celtic Rift is an expansion to The Quest Classic, a beautifully hand-drawn, immersive and enchanting world full of exciting challenges. After enabling the expansion, you can explore new areas and quests. However, if you don't have The Quest Classic, you can also play the expansion as a standalone game.

You've received a letter from King Mersant bidding you travel urgently to the Islands of Lubdan in the far away country of Loegria. When you land you find out who really summoned you there. Be ready for adventure. You could die so keep extra save files!

This expansion is a first in a new series for The Quest Classic and has been designed for low level characters. It's highly recommended that you start a new character to fully enjoy it. To access the new areas (not applicable if you are playing the expansion standalone), go to Matras harbor and talk to captain Verra, then select "Celtic Rift" as your travel destination.

The Quest Classic - Celtic Rift has been developed by Zarista Games ( and was adapted to iPhone by Redshift.
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Another Great Expansion!

Every time they come out with an expansion for The Quest I cry in happiness. Love the new one! No one can complain about their lack of quality or support for their fans.

FinalFantasy49Thu, Apr 30, 2015
United StatesUnited States

My favorite yet

This expansion, beside having an excellent Arthurian storyline, is the best yet. It's not just flatland anymore but there are now mountains! The characters are well fleshed out, shops have opening and closing times (as in most expansions) providing realism, and the world feels more like a vacation than a game. This one really hearkens back to classics like Ultima. Enjoy!

Captain BanzaiMon, Jun 10, 2013
United StatesUnited States


These games are incredible.

TanktopTue, Nov 20, 2012
United StatesUnited States

Where do you find the boot polish...

...for the dwarf soldier in island of jagged stones? I've searched, tapped, and attacked EVERY bush, rock, and fern AT LEAST THREE TIMES and still can't get it.

NinjaofquestThu, Feb 16, 2012
United StatesUnited States

Great new expansion

I have all of the expansions and if you have the mark spell it's nice to be able to quest on one game then jump to another one when you get stuck . When you activate all the installments this is by far the biggest game in the iTunes store and if you count the replay value you couldn't do every combination of character and class through these games in your lifetime. Trust me buy all the expansions and you will be hooked. For years and years now I keep coming back to "The Quest"!

David TrionfiThu, Aug 4, 2011
United StatesUnited States

Worst one ever.

I've played a good few of The Quest games and this one is just terrible. The map is a mess with seemingly countless walls blocking your way: there is no fluid walking around as you are constantly getting pinned by trees and rocks. The quests are incredibly abstract (you are immediately loaded up with about 15 just by leaving a well hidden place called "The Boardroom") giving you no clue as to where you are meant to start: do I free some god, find some cup, get some knotted rope all of which seem essential to the other? Why am I underwater and drowning? Please just update and remove the inexplicable trees and rocks on the map, that at least would make it playable. I'll try to figure out the quests from there. If you are new to the series, don't start here as you will quickly quit in frustration. Experienced players may just use this to farm for spears to sell. Terrible.

KlmbnhghWed, Jul 20, 2011
United StatesUnited States

Worst of this company

Usually their games r awesome but seriously this game made me sick it's horrible and just not fun at all it's like a very diluted final fantasy and I'm afraid that's being to nice final fantasy is amazing this is just terrible

Trizle88Thu, Jul 14, 2011
United StatesUnited States
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Mon, Nov 20, 2023
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