How To Loot: Logic Puzzles

How To Loot: Logic Puzzles

Tricky pull the pin brain test

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Tricky pull the pin brain test
(⌐⊙_⊙) “How To Loot”: Pull The Pin Puzzle is the most challenging among pull the pin puzzle games for adults made by independent game devs. You always wanted to play pull the pin game from those well known ads? ツ Well, we finally made the game! Forget other puzzle games for adults with pins - they’re mere clones of each other, better play our unique and challenging “How To Loot” now! We put our soul into the game and made one of the most authentic problem solving games in pull the pin games category.
\(^O^)/More than 75.000 players already enjoyed our challenging puzzle on the App Store!!!

※ How to play: ※ 
※ Explore various logic puzzle levels of the tower and predict the path for your hero to collect all the loot and survive traps, monsters, lava etc
※ Control pins by dragging and turning them with your finger - they are real physics objects with weight & friction!
※ Make a section of the hero's path safe, let him/her pass it, prepare the next section and so on, until the hero reaches the exit door.
※ If you collect all the loot during the level - you get 5 stars. if not - try again, you didn't solve the riddle correctly! Puzzles for adults are not that easy to crack!
※ Read heroes' dialogues to follow the story of their adventure and get game hints. Brain games for adults tend to lack the story but this is not the case!
※ Find secret doors on some levels and play secret puzzles. Or watch our hints for every secret level to reveal its location.
※ Unlock game chapters with a new piece of story when you earn enough stars. As with all free games, no purchase required! The tower, the dungeon and other locations are waiting to get looted!

Logic puzzles are finally implemented right in our pin rescue game. If you find other pull the pin games not hard enough for your sharp brain - try our “How To Loot” logic puzzles. Exercise your brain, solve tricky pull pin puzzles, pull the pin, rescue princess, loot shiny treasure, defeat vile monsters (a goblin, a ghost or a slime) on a variety of handcrafted levels in a fantasy realm. Funny characters and original story line will make your experience even better in one of the best problem solving games for adults. Be the hero rescue the princess!

※ “How To Loot”: Pull The Pin & Rescue Princess unique features: ※
※ Well known and satisfying pull the pin truly physics based game mechanics. Physics games have never been so fun!
※ Pour water into lava, disarm traps, pull the pin, push it back or even turn around its axis, search for treasure, save the princess and many more funny mechanics! Plan & think in advance like never before in logic games!
※ Story driven adventure in a fantasy realm unlike other pull the pin games! Mysterious and amusing story of a princess rescue and her companions you won’t find in any problem solving games!
※ Be a hero or a heroine! Play as an old mage and pull him out of troubles. Or act as a princess and help her escape the tower when she’s in charge!
※ Brain games combined with epic boss fights! If you know any other pull the pin games having boss battles - please send us a message ツ Challenge your mind and defeat the goblin, trick a slime or avoid a ghost!
※ Hand crafted and challenging logic puzzles you won't find in any puzzle games for adults. Every logic puzzle is a real brain trainer! Especially if you aim to earn 5 stars on every level ツ
※ Secret logic puzzle levels! Only the smartest hero would be able to locate the secret door and solve the secret puzzle game! You gotta play a detective to reveal all mysteries of the castle!

We guarantee our “How To Loot”: Pull The Pin brain games is the most challenging among pull the pin puzzle games for adults available on the market! If you've been looking for pull the pin games you saw in spoofy ads and dreamed to be the hero who rescues the princess (or the princess who rescues herself) you can finally calm down and play this addictive logic puzzle free game.
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Good work…

Hogen123456Tue, Jan 23, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Great pull pin game

This by far is the best pull pin game I have played. The levels are real thinkers to get them completed. The ads are ok too. The way ads should be handled. Unobtrusive to the game itself like some other pull pin games which I have deleted after playing for 5 minutes. Ive been working on this one for a while now. Rather addictive. Well done, developers! The right balance of game play and ads.

dworkumsThu, Nov 23, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Cute game

Cute game best played on large phone or ipad

Fizzle, not sizzleTue, Oct 24, 2023
United StatesUnited States

So far so good

Liking it so far

kh+28Fri, Oct 20, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Guide the princess

Fun game. Nice graphics

Harley/Guzzi GuyWed, Oct 11, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Intruiging little game

Not sure if I am going to spring for the no ads version, but I am enjoying these logic puzzles.

Jumping’ JaxSat, Oct 7, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Nice game

Nice game.

Bummer3811Wed, Oct 4, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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Wed, Apr 29, 2020
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Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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What's New
3 months ago
Updated game engine version, this should increase game stability.
Updated 3rd party code.
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