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Cooking Game Farm Strawberries
Cooking Game Farm Strawberries

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Sat, Sep 4, 2021



Bring your fantasy to life with strawberry game! Cook this amazing treat by collecting the ingredients, mixing them together, as well as preparing your ice cream and your sandwiches before decorating and eating them. Perfect treat to eat, why not show off to all your friends with this cooking game!


Farm your strawberries 

Collect the ingredients from the store ready to make your sandwiches. 

Slice the strawberry up and blend it ready to make your ice-cream. 

Mix together all your ingredients to bring together your tasty ice-cream flavour.

Create and cook your sandwich mixture before adding the ice cream to complete your yummy treat. 

Decorate your ice cream sandwiches before eating them all up for the best flavour in the world.


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What's new
UPDATED 1 year ago
+ Farm strawberries to unlock strawberry cooking recipes + Fixed many issues

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