Clean My Carpet - ASMR Washing

Clean My Carpet - ASMR Washing

Clean the carpets and relax!

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4.4 (3.5K)
United States United States
Clean the carpets and relax!
Welcome to this relaxing carpet cleaning game!
Clean all of the carpets and get rid of your nerves thanks to this free game.

In this game different customers come to your store and want you to clean their rugs.
You can please them with your tools and skills. 
As your customers get their carpets clean, they add ratings and reviews for your business’ page so that your store becomes popular. You also share before/after photos of the carpets on social media and you gain likes.
Be the best and most famous carpet cleaner in the world. 

There are more than 10 tools in the game (detergent, rotary machine, jet water, brush, squeegee, vacuum cleaner, oxygen booster, flame thrower...)
You can pour some detergent and wash the carpet with a jet wash machine.
Or you can use a rotary machine to feel the foam, pour water with a hose and clean fully with a brush.You can be sure all of these tools will amaze and satisfy you with their sounds. There will also be plenty of foam and soap!

There are also more than 25 customers with unique carpet models. As you clean these customers’ carpets you will reveal and see very different models. 
These are some of the fantastic customers in the game:
- Pawn Broker, a girl with dogs, Kleopatra, firefighter, an architecture student, Vampire, Snake Charmer, Astronaut, Politician, Barber, Gardener… 

Check the game to see more of them!
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Not what a thought/RACIST/Boring/No point of money

*READ* Why I gave this app a three 🌺⚡️Before you get this app I just want to kettle you know that this game has many stereotypes and miss Leeds for example I thought that you would get different customers each time but NOPE at a certain point they just restart which is just BORING!Also what’s the point for money? I understand that “wow they give you money for cleaning their carpet what should I use this on?” But NOPE the money is useless I mean it would make sense if you can use the money for better products for cleaning or the store! 👍 Anyways If you are thinking of getting this app then rethink RIGHT NOW!!!! ⚡️🌺 That’s why I gave you a three

NahairacanspellSat, Mar 25, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Fun in theory

This game was fun to start, but so many ads. I paid for the ad free, but it becomes very clear that there are only like 10-15 carpets before everything starts repeating, and you’re cleaning the same ones over and over. Plus the other reviews are right, it decides when you’re done with that step. Currency is pointless. You could have the chance to upgrade the tools, and choose which you want to use. Could make this game last a ton longer.

jesslynn104Tue, Mar 21, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Too much ads

No meaning for collecting game currency. There is no upgrades. Every single step you take, you have to watch ad. This game is for collecting money from people who watch ads.

Abamy6978Thu, Mar 16, 2023
United StatesUnited States


I got kick out of the game but this ant Roblox so I don’t know what it is.

glizzly goblerWed, Mar 15, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Favorite game but have one major request

I LOVE this game however I wish I had an unlimited amount of time to do each step, not just the last step, like on your other apps. And also more of the brush cleaning and the shampoo machine would be great too.

OcdgamemamaMon, Mar 13, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Great game but lying ads

I got this game when I saw the ad. The add said the the game was ad free so I clicked on it. I have now been informed that this is not true and you will have to pay a game pass for no ads. I am now disappointed in the creators of this game for lying to me. If it is your ad team, please, check the ads before you post them to the public.

Anonymous6363Sun, Mar 12, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Endless ads

Endless frustration

N0823JTue, Mar 7, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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