Block Puzzle Dreams

Block Puzzle Dreams

United States


Block Puzzle Dreams is an all-new addicting and relaxing color block puzzle game!

Play solo or with teams! Neon color blocks await you and your friends in a beautiful block puzzle game. Block Puzzle Dreams is one of the most addicting games you’ll play!

Casual games let you play anytime, for however long you want. Relaxing games like Block Puzzle Dreams are calming games that help you wind down after a stressful day.

Brain training games keep your brain fit and healthy. Train your brain matching color block puzzle shapes on the sudoku style board! Merge blocks 9 in a row (vertical or horizontal) or fill a 3 by 3 square. 

Match colors and earn bonus bombs! Smash blocks and earn stars for clearing lines, use stars to open chests for great prizes and power-ups like the rotate boost, row boost or column boost!

Play together! Team up with friends and chat as you clear the puzzle blocks turn-by-turn. Co-op puzzle games are a great challenge in this fun color block smash game. 

Block Puzzle Dreams Features

Fun and Addicting Games!
- Addicting games you’ll want to play over and over
- Casual games you can play anytime you want
- Fun games you’ll want to share with friends!

Play With Teams of Friends!
- Feeling crushed? Smash blocks once again when you request lives from friends!
- Chat with friends! Try relaxing gameplay with casual chat
- Compete to get the best high score on the leaderboard!

Train Your Brain!
- Brain training games improve your brain health
- Solve shape puzzles right away, or rotate pieces with power-ups!
- Logic puzzles with shapes help you stay sharp!

Casual Games!
- Casual games with beautiful candy blocks to put you in a great mood!
- Relaxing games help you wind down
- Calming games offer stress relief
- Fun and free game! No commitment!

Download Block Puzzle Dreams and Have a Smashing Good Time!

More fun features coming soon, Download Block Puzzle Dreams now!

Your reviews are important for the Block Puzzle Dreams Team. Let us know what you think!



App detail
BUNDLE ID com.kooapps.candyblock
RELEASE DATE Tue, Mar 15, 2022
UPDATE DATE Tue, Mar 15, 2022
What's new
VERSION 1.0.14
UPDATED 1 month from now

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