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DoorDash - Food Delivery

Food & Groceries, Delivered

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Food & Groceries, Delivered
Delivery anywhere you are. DoorDash offers the greatest online selection of your favorite restaurants and stores facilitating delivery of freshly prepared meals, fresh groceries, alcohol, household essentials, and more directly to you. With more than 310,000 menus and 12,000+ grocery stores across 4,000+ cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, you’ll find the best of your neighborhood as you shop and order online. Spend more time doing the things you love — we'll take care of the rest. Plus, enjoy $0 delivery fees on food, groceries, and your favorite items for your first month. Restrictions apply:

Discover local, on-demand delivery or pickup from thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and more. From your neighborhood sushi spot to this week's grocery list it’s all at your fingertips and ready for delivery through DoorDash to your doorstep.

· Get it now: Get on-demand, same day delivery.
· Schedule deliveries: Order in advance and get your food and shopping list when it's most convenient for you.
· Real-Time Tracking: See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic, we've factored in all the elements.
· No Minimums: Order as little or as much as you want.
· Easy Payment: Conveniently pay via Apple Pay, Venmo, Paypal, or credit card.
· No-Contact Delivery: Your food will be left in a safe place and you’ll be alerted that it’s ready for you to pick up at your doorstep

Get unlimited $0 delivery fees on the best of your neighborhood. Plus, DashPass members get access to exclusive items and offers, 10% off eligible orders thanks to reduced service fees, and 5% back on eligible Pickup orders. Your first 30 days on DashPass are free, then $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, The Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, Panera, Chili's, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Moe's Southwest Grill, P.F. Chang’s, Denny’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John's, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Boston Market, Red Robin, TGI Friday’s, Red Lobster, Qdoba Mexican Eats, El Pollo Loco, Noodles & Company, Buca di Beppo, White Castle, SmashBurger, Schlotzsky’s

Safeway, Albertsons, Sprouts Farmers Market, Meijer, Hy-vee, Grocery Outlet, Winn-Dixie, Smart & Final, BJ's, Vons, Weis, ACME, Shaw's, Lowes Foods Grocery, Raley's, Fresh Thyme, Bashas' Grocery, Nob Hill, Giant Eagle, Bristol Farms Grocery, and more

We’re growing every day and currently serving over 4,000 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia including
New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Brooklyn, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Queens, Vancouver, BC, Miami, San Antonio, Phoenix, Denver, Austin, Washington, DC, Dallas, Melbourne, Sydney, Montreal

Notice at Collection (California Residents):
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The drivers are terrible, the customer service is terrible. I work in a restaurant with doordash and it’s not the restaurants, it’s doordash. The drivers don’t read or care about what or where they’re delivering. Customer service thinks it’s a joke to ask for any help. I’ll never use doordash again.

savhibMon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States


I bought a $10 meal at Hardee’s and paid almost $19 by the end. I love how it says 0 delivery fee but charge you a service fee with the taxes. It’s convenient and that’s about it.

Teach2BFreeMon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Terrible customer service

After over 2 years of dealing with the terrible up pricing of menus and dasher mistakes I completely give up on doordash. If they make a mistake and your order is 15-20 bucks they offer a refund of 3 bucks. Then when you call their 800 number you get treated very poorly so today I told them to delete my account and with no attempt to keep my business they did. So glad I switched to Grub hub. They are much better price wise and delivery wise as well. After spending thousands of dollars with door dash I will gladly take my business else where. And everyone in my family also deleted their accounts.

chapoluna119Mon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States


I have experienced so many issues with doordash. the main one is them dropping off orders 30 minutes after they picked up mine. My order was 5 minutes away from my house. It didn’t not arrive for another hour and a half. The order time stated 22 minutes. i contacted an agent and they said they could not help me. I am so done with doordash and how they handle everything. my arrived soggy and gross.

haykathbarMon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Your needs

There pick and choose who dash you things to you, and sometimes they will never even deliver your belongings to you and the customer support takes forever to respond back to you!!!!!

nateghumpMon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Beware you won’t get your money back for food not delivered

I have had doordash for about 2 yrs now. This last year it’s gone downhill. I have repeatedly had missing items usually a drink or something of the sort ( I typically make larger orders so I get it’s easy to happen), but the icing on the cake and the reasons I have not been ordering and warning others, I had an over $50 order last, it was very late and I had just got done from work and my long commute, just trying to get my family some dinner because I didn’t have the energy to cook. Well out of that whole order I received only 2 items from the Wendy’s, a fry and a drink. So I just went ahead and contacted support because the driver had issues with the restaurant staff and I’m an understanding person because I did work food service when I was young before my cellular field career. I submitted them the proof of the conversation the dasher and I had, a picture of the bag and what was in it right as I opened it because I was already skeptical because this should have been a multiple bag order. After being back and forth with support for two week they want to give me $10 credit, ya you heard that right. $10 credit for a $50 order, in which I received the two most inexpensive items. Beyond ridiculous. They put the credit on my account without my acceptance of it, I sure as heck am not accepting $10 out of $50, I’m fine paying for the items I received but I shouldn’t have to lose out on my hard earned money due to an issue on their side and the restaurants side, this isn’t good customer service at all. And the reason being I’ve reported missing things before, because they were literally missing. It’s not my fault that the restaurant or doordash messed up at all, I was simply waiting for my dinner I never received, the precious times were work lunches.. So be warned, doordash is dieing because their customer service is hetrocious and nobody can do their job or take accountability on the companies part.

Adrianjones03Mon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States


Love The Service

MacPablo SauceMon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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