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Instant Financial

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Only available at employers offering Instant.

For verified employees who are paid by Instant, the Instant Financial app gives you daily access to your earned wages and/or tips for free. 
Connect your Instant card with your Instant account to receive your wages and/or tips, make in-store and online purchases, and withdraw cash from any ATM. Use the Instant app to receive important notifications, claim Instant Pay offers, check your real-time balance and view your recent activity, find the nearest ATM for free cash withdrawals, and transfer your money to your bank account. 
Instant puts you in control over how you get paid.
1. Create an Instant account with your email address and password
2. Enter your personal information for verification purposes
3. Pair the Instant card you received from your manager by scanning the barcode to the right of your Instant card on your welcome letter (the paper your card was glued on)
4. Find your employer and add a job
5. Once you’re verified, you’ll receive your daily earned wages and/or tips daily right to your Instant card
• Pair a new or replacement Instant card to your Instant account
• Get notified when Instant Pay offers are available
• Get notified when you’ve been paid your Instant Pay, the balance of your Net Pay, or Tips
• Receive your daily wages and/or tips directly to your Instant card and have immediate access to your money
• Check your account balance and review your latest account activity
• Find the nearest ATM for free cash withdrawal across the MoneyPass ATM Network (US) or the Exchange ATM Network (Canada) 
• Freeze and unfreeze your card in case your card is lost or stolen
• Transfer money to another bank account - one-time transfers and scheduled recurring transfers
• Receive support via email, chat, or phone call
• Update your personal information in the app
• Pay your bills (in Canada only, US coming soon)
At Instant, we don’t believe in charging you fees to receive, spend, or access your money. We only charge avoidable fees, such as a 90-day inactivity fee or an off-network ATM withdrawal fee. 
For a comprehensive list of fees, please refer to our US Cardholder Agreement ( or our Canadian Cardholder Agreement ( 
Please be aware that some merchants, such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies, may place a temporary pre-authorization hold to ensure your card is valid and that there are sufficient funds on the card to cover the final amount. Holds are usually removed and released back to your card when the transaction is completed within 5 days or sooner. Some merchants, such as hotels and car rental agencies, have pre-authorization holds that can last up to 45 days.
Please be aware that bank transfers made before 1PM ET can take up to an estimated 2 business days to process and appear in the destination bank account. 
Bank transfers made after 1PM ET will take up to an estimated 3 business days to process and appear in your destination bank account.
Need your money sooner? Visit an ATM to withdraw your cash and deposit it into your bank account the same day.
Please note, you can only load your Instant card through wages, tips, or reimbursements received from your employer.
• FAQ:
• Chat Support: Tap on the menu icon, tap on “Help”, and tap on “Chat With Support”
• Email Support: [email protected]
• Phone Support: Call the number on the back of your card
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Just give us checks

Never had such a hard time with either trying to use the card they give you or even link my own bank account to access my own money. I don’t know how people use this honestly terrible.

vfotWed, Sep 6, 2023
United StatesUnited States


Dam app doesn’t even load half the time. Just does nothing. White screen. I especially the night of getting paid. Been 4 hours now and I can’t see my account.

Thugman95Mon, Sep 4, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Can’t even use it

Can’t use the app won’t even load been trying to get access to my info for days stupid that I can’t even get help or even logged on after deleting the app 10 times still wont load thanks for nothing instant remove the app for the better !

guy makleyMon, Sep 4, 2023
United StatesUnited States

1 Giant Flaw

Love this app because it allows me to get my credit tips instantly. But I want to fuqing snap my phone in half and sue this company for how many times their app doesn’t fuqing work and I’m screwed and can’t take out any money 👍🏻

HeyThatsPrettyNeatMon, Sep 4, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Don’t offer support? Joke’s on my employer

Besides crashing all the time, transferring money late or being absurdly slow and weird while browsing options, THIS APP DOES NOT OFFER CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I’ve been wasting almost a day trying to figure out who should I contact but there’s not a single bot or person to help me out there, all my money is in the app and I can’t communicate with nobody! I feel like I’m gonna die bc my rent is due today and I can’t transfer the money to pay.

gabo_echeMon, Sep 4, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Loading to slow

I’m currently having a problem with the app because it won’t load for me, and it just keeps loading in a circle it worked yesterday, but now it’s really bugging me.

Godly woman of lifeMon, Sep 4, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Infinitely loading, can’t access my money

I can’t get this freaking app to work today. Every time I launch it, it just spins the little loading wheel for minutes on end and never pulls anything up. I am unable to access my money. Fix this broken bull crap.

HDSPC BenMon, Sep 4, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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Mon, Jul 26, 2021
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