Subscription manager: 99subs

Subscription manager: 99subs

Cancel subscriptions & bills

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Cancel subscriptions & bills
Hey there, welcome to 99subs - an app that won’t let you miss another recurring payment ever again!

Remember that free trial you signed up for and promptly forgot about until it transformed into a full-fledged subscription? We've all been there too many times… But don't worry, 99subs has your back! Allow us to introduce 99subs, the app that ensures you'll never miss another recurring payment again!

We'll send you nifty reminders when you've got subscriptions gathering dust, so you can cancel or make the most of them. Whether that’s a free trial of a streaming service or a gym membership that you’ve probably used twice (let’s be honest with ourselves, okay). 
So, here’s how it goes:

• Download: First things first, install the 99subs app from the App Store.
• Add Subscriptions: Time to spill the beans on your subscription secrets. List all your subscriptions, their payment details, and those pesky billing cycles. Don't worry, we won't judge you for that extra streaming service you forgot about! Think widely: gym membership, streaming services, music, cable TV, charity, etc. You’ll probably be surprised how many subs you actually have. That’s right, there’s a reason why we named it 99subs.
• Activate Reminders: Need someone to babysit those payment dates? Switch on notifications and let 99subs give you a nudge. No more "Oops, my money just disappeared" moments!
• Enjoy Control: With 99subs, you're the captain of your subscription ship. No more surprises, just smooth sailing through the sea of recurring payments. Your budget, your rules! 
• Pat Yourself on the Back: Sit back, relax, and congratulate yourself on becoming a subscription master. You've tamed the subscription beast like a pro, and your wallet is singing your praises. Well done, buddy!


With 99subs, you've got a loyal companion in the subscription universe. We won't tell you what to subscribe to (that's your call), but we guarantee you'll stay on top of your payments like a pro. No more late fees, no more frantic searches through your inbox for payment reminders – we've got it all covered.


Ever wondered where your hard-earned cash disappears to every month? 99subs keeps a hawk-eye on your wallet, neatly organizing your subscription expenses and reminding you of each upcoming payment. No more financial mysteries – we break it down for you, crystal clear.


• Reminders, Reminders, Reminders - Never miss a subscription payment again, even if you've got the memory of a goldfish. Get a notification before each upcoming payment!

• Budget Bliss - Keep your finances in check by effortlessly tracking your monthly expenses.

• Subscription Sleuthing - Dig up those forgotten subscriptions and put your hard-earned money to better use.

• Aesthetically Pleasing - We don't just track subscriptions; we make it look good while doing it.

• No annoying ads 

So, what are you waiting for? Say farewell to subscription chaos and hello to the organized, budget-savvy you! Download 99subs now and embark on this subscription-tracking adventure with us. Your subscriptions will thank you (probably not)!

Remember, 99subs isn't just about tracking subscriptions. We're doing it with style and a dash of wit. Get ready to conquer your subscriptions like a boss with 99subs – because you've got better things to spend your money on than forgotten subscriptions!

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Hi, we just improved our app performance and added some nice touches to make our user experience even better!
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