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MoviePass is back! The only movie theater subscription that lets you save at any theater for one low price.

Save on all the latest movies at any theater in the country. Get tickets, select a seat, and receive promotions directly in the MoviePass app.

Here’s how it works:
1. Select a monthly plan. 
2. Browse the app and start seeing movies the same day with e-ticketing at our partner theaters.  
3. You can go to any theater in the country with your MoviePass card.
4. Roll over unused credits. 
5. There’s no commitment - cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MoviePass unique?
MoviePass is the only movie theater subscription that lets you see any movie at any theater for one low price. 

How many credits does a movie cost?
The credit value of a movie is based on showtime, day of the week, and theater location. MoviePass is partnered with over 30% of movie theaters to bring you the biggest savings with same-day e-ticketing! You always have access to movie theaters outside of our network, but you’ll see the best deals at partner theaters.  

Do my credits rollover?
Yes! Your credits rollover up to the amount you have in your current plan. 

How many movies can I see a month?
You decide the number of movies you see every month, based on the plan you choose.  Current plans offer 1-3 movies, 2-4 movies, 3-5 movies.  The range has to do with the difference between peak and off-peak.

Will my credits rollover?
Yes! Your credits rollover up to the amount you have in your current plan. So if your plan is for 23 credits per month, you can have up to 46 credits in your account. 

How long will it take for my MoviePass card to get here?
Your MoviePass card will arrive within 10 days of your sign up. Your account will renew one month after you’ve activated your card. 

When can I start going to the movies?
See a movie the same day you sign up with e-ticketing at any of our partner theaters. Non-partner theaters will require the MoviePass card for a ticket purchase.  

Need a movie break?
Cancel anytime and rejoin whenever you’re ready to get back to the dazzling silver screen.

How can I reach customer support?
Thank you for using our app! For customer support, use chat support within your MoviePass app or email [email protected]

Any movie. Any theater. One MoviePass. 
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Didn’t work, didn’t give me what was promised, difficult to use

I went to the movie: the card didn’t work. I ended up paying twice as much for the movie because there is no refund policy for Moviepass subscriptions. I was sent an offer to get a free movie ticket with my subscription. I made the account expecting to get that, and never did. My card was charged anyway. The app is unintuitive and not very functional. Customer service is unhelpful. I tried deleting my account using the “delete account” only to be told that my account could not be deleted for record-keeping purposes. Don’t bother wasting you time or money

povnerFri, Apr 19, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Waste of Time and Money

As many of the other reviews have said, this is a waste of time and money. With the cheapest plan, you can only see one movie per month. You can only buy tickets the same day, the app is super clunky to use and it’s just not worth it. I wish I would have listened to the other one star reviews before I subscribed.

littlelikkelSat, Apr 13, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Don’t get scammed

I was unable to activate my card. I have been trying to cancel my account, and they keep charging me. There’s no way to contact them.

Annie ZoeSat, Apr 6, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Referral option is not working

The referral option is not working

SumanthKodandaramThu, Mar 28, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Movie Pass

Movie Pass is a scam. I tried it for about 6 months, but it rarely worked. I’m lucky if we saw 3 movies. It took 3 days to get customer service to reply, when they replied at all. By then, I had paid for the movie. I finally canceled my subscription, and they continued to charge my credit card. I had to dispute the charges to get rid of it. I would not recommend this app.

User11578903Mon, Mar 25, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Terrible App

I pay this membership every month. I don’t use this every month. At first points were supposed to roll over so I didn’t mind. At some point it he points stopped rolling over so I guess I decided to keep it anyway. The issue is that I have tried using it twice in the last 2 months and both times the card didn’t go through. Customer service did not helped. My recommendation based on my experience is that no one should pay for this garbage.

vebhdgduhsjdbWed, Mar 20, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Waste of Money

First, the digital card is useless unless you’re going to use extra credits to purchase tickets online. They do not automatically send you a physical card. Its only useful if you’re willing to pay more than the cost of the ticket in credits. Second, if you unsubscribe you will lose all of the credits you’ve paid for. Overall a waste of money. I didn't use it even once because there were too many obstacles.

TayB1517Tue, Mar 19, 2024
United StatesUnited States
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2 weeks ago
- Bug fixes and improvements
- More movies to see in theaters

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