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For All Mankind: Time Capsule
For All Mankind: Time Capsule

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Thu, Sep 9, 2021

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Join Danny, teenage son of astronauts Gordo & Tracy Stevens, as he examines interactive keepsakes full of details about life, love, and the world of For All Mankind. Every object tells a story: a simple mixtape unveils how young love first began. A home computer holds the secrets to the teens’ changing lives. And items as ordinary as a newspaper and answering machine shed light on impactful events in the lives of Gordo and Tracy Stevens, revealing more about the alternate world of For All Mankind and what’s coming in season 2.

Download Time Capsule to journey back to the summer of 1980 and explore the For All Mankind universe through augmented reality using only your iPhone or iPad.

Watch For All Mankind exclusively on the Apple TV app with an Apple TV+ subscription.


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What's new
UPDATED 10 months ago
Time Capsule 1.4 update includes a new bonus experience for devices equipped with a LiDAR Scanner, along with various updates and bug fixes. • Adds new ‘Drive the Lunar Rover' experience that allows the user to drive a remote control Lunar Rover around the real world (devices with LiDAR Scanner only). • Updates the interaction when inserting the mixtape in the Heart Beats chapter for improved experience flow and consistency with other scenes. • Fixes an issue with repeated text and screen flow in later sections of Crater Quest on the Apple II. • Includes correction to newspaper advertisement. • Fixes various localization issues in non-English language subtitles and text reader entries.

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