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A Life Organizer - NO TIMED!

A Life Organizer - NO TIMED!

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What a mess!
There are many levels in the game, and each level has a messy scene, so you need to put all the items in order.

Game features:
The game has no time limit.
If you encounter difficulties, you can view the tips.
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Could be so much better

This is a fun game but is VERY buggy. Some levels won’t complete even though everything is in its place (as shown by the hint). Some are nearly impossible even with the hint if you cannot read the language in which it’s written (although some are written in English). There is at least one level that, once you’ve watched the ad for the solution, the page is just blank. It’s really such a great idea for a game, and it’s a shame that it’s flawed by these bugs. Also, I think it’s really unfair to follow a successful completion of a level with an ad! There should be an ad-free version (which I’d gladly pay for if the bugs were fixed), and even in the version with ads, the player should be rewarded with the next level when they complete a level, not punished with an ad! ETA: This game is identical to two others on the App Store; they have different names and icons, but when you download and open them, they turn out to be identical to this one. Tried reporting it to Apple but no luck. Also tried to write a review for the other games, but can’t because no keyboard is available when I tap Write a Review. These other two games are

Aslo WhiteFri, Mar 31, 2023
United StatesUnited States

bad, not my cup of tea

After I little while (10 mins) when I pressed on the levels or like anything it said that I had to be on a higher level. So I could not play the game unless I was on the level that they needed. I didn’t expect this but when I got back into the Apple Store to write this review it said only 38 people had this downloaded and the reviews are not high either. I had to delete the game then reinstall it to make it work again. I don’t really like the game either bc I can’t tell where to put things and it like is weird and how it tells you when you put it in the wrong place is by making it crooked and not straight. So sometimes I can’t tell if it is in the right place or not bc sometimes it is crooked but it looks straight. I deleted the app bc I don’t really like it.

cickin nugitSun, Mar 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Problems with the game

The game was super fun at first until it didn't give me all the stars even though i did it right over and over again. The game also wouldn't save my progress and isn't fun anymore so i think I'm just going to delete it. 😕

Bigbird239Mon, Feb 27, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Great but annoying

Was having a bad day today so i played this hame and i made a few mistakes and i couldn't play no more until tomorrow. Please remove this feature as im having a even more bad day today. Plus whenever i exit out of a level or in the middle of the game or when i make a mistake its always a add, and then when my internets off and i click on the game it loads but it never gets to the end of the line. This game is fun but it just makes me madder instead of satisfied or happy.

yoegerdiepWed, Feb 22, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Very underrated

I love this game because there is not way too loud music and it is very peaceful. I feel like it makes me more determined to clean my house. Overall I love this game

deadx-xflowersWed, Feb 22, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Actually good game

My friend (emily) told me about this game. She said it was good. At first I didn’t believe her but now, haha, I do. This game brought life to me. It showed me how organization can propel you to live a more disciplined lifestyle. Also, I realized, a more disciplined lifestyle brings you happiness and peace. Not everything is about girls, money or how many friends you have. It’s about inner acceptance and living to your potential. Thank you “A Life Organizer” - NO TIMED”. Thank you -Karim Spencer👍🏾

thecoolestKSun, Feb 19, 2023
United StatesUnited States

To many ads

When you do step wrong you have to watch an add and then you have to restart and its so annoying since you have to watch an ad when you get it wrong even though it doesn't tell you how to do the steps correctly

Yumiko_YabamiSat, Feb 18, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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