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MysticLand World Discovery a learning app for kids between ages 7 to 12, is designed to help them become global citizens. This kids interactive learning app is set in the fantasy world of MysticLand, where the characters, or Mysticals take young humans on a learning journey of the world with fresh content daily.
Thoughtfully designed as a learning app for kids, MysticLand world discovery encourages young humans (7+ years old) to learn about our planet, discover new cultures and geographies as they journey through numerous countries via the app and explore unique aspects of each country such as food, music, flora, fauna, history, landmarks, and more. This kids interactive app also has Augmented Reality (AR) games to combine learning with play. 

The app has five modules:

MysticPost: A world edition newspaper that covers World news, Science and Technology, Business and Innovation, Animals and Environment, Sports and Entertainment, and a fun weekend column called the Mystical Multiverse. MysticPost is a daily animated newspaper with content rewritten as stories between the characters to help users make the most of this learning app for kids. 

Mystic Fact machine: A very unique daily fact about the world and universe, delivered via a fun fact machine that needs to be started daily. Just another reason for young humans to come back to this kids interactive app daily.

Mystic Quest: A game-based journey of different countries where kids go through 6 separate learning experiences as play. The game is set in the world of MysticLand where the evil Bruha has captured Mysticbeasts (characters to collect) and hidden them in different countries. The user has to guide the Mysticals in this interactive learning app for kids to unlock the beast by completing a trivia, find the destination in a 3D globe to learn world geography, complete jigsaws of important landmarks, famous people and know their story and even go through an augmented reality quest of history and culture objects in this kids interactive app.

Mystic quizzes: 
A learning app for kids need quizzes. And lots of it! The young humans can read MysticPost and test their learnings immediately, everyday. MysticLand World Discovery is also a quiz app for kids.

One can collect Mystos, the currency of MysticLand, unlock badges for building the habit of reading MysticPost daily and collect unique characters as they explore all countries in this learning app for kids.

The MysticLand World Discovery app has a free trial where children can read five newspapers, complete two quests, five quizzes and unlock five facts. Post trial, you can go on an uninterrupted learning journey by choosing one out of three subscription options.

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The Story:
MysticLand is a magical world inhabited by mysticals hidden from otherworldly beings.
There are four main tribes in MysticLand and many types of mystic beasts – the seer, warriors, time travellers and fleet. 

Our story revolves around Verum (seer), Scorch (warrior), Orak (time traveler) and Felix (fleet). These four young mysticals are often called the gifted four. They often go away on secret adventures to explore earth and its manmade creations, attempt to solve mysteries of the universe in this learning app for kids.
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2 years ago
Go on an uninterrupted learning journey by opting for one of three subscription options. You can now log in to the app by using your Apple ID directly. A brand new rewards program with a lot of badges, printables and gifts to unlock!

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