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Learn & Play Tuba - tonestro

Lessons, Feedback, Sheet Music

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Lessons, Feedback, Sheet Music
Learn to play the tuba and improve on rhythm and pitch. tonestro listens to you while you play the tuba and gives you immediate live-feedback on rhythm and pitch. A tuner lets you tune your tuba easily.

tonestro for Tuba offers a large collection of songs, exercises and guided lessons for every skill level. Learn how to read music notes and improve your tuba skills by playing many songs and exercises.

With the tuner you tune your tuba fast and easily for perfect pitch. A metronome and specially composed background music with play alongs for many songs guide you the way to perfect rhythm.

Weekly challenges with hand-picked songs give you the extra motivation to improve your skills when you compare yourself with tuba players from around the world.


- Get instant feedback on rhythm & pitch
- Learn to play the tuba or learn something new
- Enjoy a large collection of songs
- Discover tuba lessons & exercises
- Start with your first lessons on music notes or choose from many songs
- Learn the correct fingerings with fingering charts
- Tune your tuba with our integrated tuner
- Enjoy songs with play alongs
- Stay motivated with weekly challenges


Learn how to play the tuba or improve your skills with lessons, fingering charts and exercises. Step-by-step lessons will guide you through your first notes on the tuba. Detailed explanations and fingering charts tell you how to play a certain note. A tuner helps you find the correct pitch. Test your knowledge in exams and see how fast you progress. Use your newly learned skills and play your first songs on your tuba.

For experienced tuba players there’s always something new to learn with advanced lessons, songs and exercises.


Use tonestro’s live-feedback feature on rhythm and pitch to improve your skills. See where you struggle with intonation and work on your pitch to become a better tuba player. Switch to practice mode and choose a slower tempo to work on getting that rhythm right. Let the metronome guide you through the songs and use the tuner to not only tune your tuba but also to see which notes are the ones you have to be very careful with pitch.


Discover songs from all music genres and play tuba songs for every skill level. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or you prefer jazz songs instead: With tonestro’s large sheet music library you’ll find just the songs you need for playing your tuba.

And you don’t have to play alone: With play alongs you’re playing with a whole band in the background. Always on your side is the tonestro tuner, which is an easy-to-use tuner that will make sure that you’re in tune. And there’s always the metronome that will guide you through the songs.


Do you want to prove your skills? Enter our weekly challenges! Compete with tuba players from around the world and fight for the podium. Practice the songs to score as many points as possible and become the best tuba player in the tonestro world. Don’t forget to use the tuner first, so that you can start the challenge with perfect preparation.

tonestro requires a subscription to access the entire learning content and song library. Each subscription plan may include a 3-day free trial period.

Terms: https://www.tonestro.com/terms
Privacy policy: https://www.tonestro.com/privacy
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Great app!

Fun and easy👍

vintegdudeSun, Mar 24, 2024
United StatesUnited States


They want you to pay $150 to learn how to play an instrument? Fix this please

titusssburgessTue, Oct 10, 2023
United StatesUnited States


Edited: I initially posted a a one star review to say I didn’t see the all of the features listed here on the app after buying the premium version to upgrade. I posted it here because I was not getting responses when I emailed Tonestro several times & I figured it may get their attention and garner a response. My issue specifically was that the description here says the app offers detailed lessons and fingering charts if you unlock premium, but I couldn’t find those. Well, writing here worked, and Tonestro does not actually have the features listed in the description available for the tuba app. My response, in a nutshell, to their response below was to tell that that I would not be giving them a better review for their efforts, as they were falsely advertising that features were available in the premium version that are not. It’s great that they are trying to roll these things out, and what they do have available is nice, but that’s not the point. They’re charging $112 for a premium service for the tuba app when the tuba app doesn’t have the features available. I’m not paying for their effort to eventually roll it out, I was paying for the features the app description says are already there. I did say I’d take down my review if they removed the language stating these features were available, but that was this morning, and that hasn’t happened, so instead I am updating this review so people know before they upgrade that the promised features aren’t there, at least for the tuba app. Here is my response from Tonestro telling me the tuba app doesn’t have the features advertised, and asking me to change my rating to reward them for for their efforts. I’ll put up a good review when and if they either change the description or actually add what the description says is available. “ Hi, thanks a lot for your message and your feedback. We plan to add fingering charts and other explanations for tuba too (we already have it of violin, sax, trumpet, flute, clarinet, recorder), but I can't give you a release date yet. Currently, the "songs" and "challenge" sections are available for playing with your real instrument. We are working on improving tonestro every day. We would be very happy if you would reward our efforts with a bit better rating.”

IggyPumpsFri, Nov 11, 2022
United StatesUnited States


I bought the premium version, and thankfully am still in the trial period because if I don’t get help, I can cancel the trial. I am a former tuba player who needs some help remembering fingerings, how to read music, and hitting the lowest register notes. I chose this app specifically because it says it has lessons for all those things, and finget charts. I recently became disabled, so I can no longer drive, nor can I trust myself to try to carry a tuba, in its case, up & down stairs without risk of injury to myself, thus getting to a local private lesson teacher isn’t an option for me. In my home, I can wheel it over to my chair, and not have to try to stand with it (my disability is visual, so I have no depth perception and terrible balance), so when I saw this app was available, I was thrilled. I could have some instruction relearning rusty skills. This has been especially important to me, as being recently disabled, filling up the day can be difficult, and not seeing correctly and needing the help of AI, limits many things I used to be able to do with ease. Music is a gift that can help me keep my spirits up, feel like I’m accomplishing something since I no longer have my career, and help make the days not so long and boring. Well, on my zoom there are no lesson plans, no finger charts, and no instruction on playing. There were 13 rhythm modules that I completed, in which you use your fingers to practice rhythm patterns, and then lots of sheet music you can play along with, which is useless without finger charts to help me refresh my memory. I have emailed the company twice to ask if I’m navigating something incorrectly, if there’s a glitch, or if the description here and on their website about lessons and finger charts is incorrect, but have had no response. I’m hoping by putting this review up, someone will answer. If the app does do everything in the description and it’s my user error, that’d be fantastic. Private lessons are usually weekly and around $20 each. $112 for a year to use an app that has lesson plans, finger charts, etc. would be a huge value for the money. So, hopefully someone on here sees this and responds, and hopefully it’s just my stupid vision and I’m not seeing something on the app to lead me to lessons and finger charts. Otherwise, there’s no point to paying for a premium subscription just to tap a screen for rhythm and have sheet music I could google online.

IggyPumpsWed, Nov 9, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Love it!!!!

Love the app, there are a lot of song choices and fun events, I play the tuba and find this very entertaining and motivating!

Willow the tubaSun, May 2, 2021
United StatesUnited States
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We've made several improvements for a smoother learning experience.
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