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Food cost management done for you.

Orderly is the hassle-free way to becoming a smarter restaurant.  It saves you time and money, taking you out of counting inventory in the freezer and putting you into the heart of your restaurant.

Let Orderly do the hard work.  Forget about counting.  You can get all the accurate numbers you need right in the palm of your hand when you snap photos of your invoices and update your weekly sales.

- Your Cost of Goods Sold, calculated for you
- Weekly flash reports provide a summary of your food costs vs. your budget
- Get a comprehensive look at your weekly supplier spend
- Avoid a weekly inventory with two easy steps
- Eliminate all invoice data entry

- Recommendations show you which ingredients you're overspend on
- Market prices are available to you - go into supplier meetings with solid data
- Use the Budgeting Tool to set and maintain a budget that fits your goals
- Always have a firm grip on your food spend.  No fudged numbers.

- Snap photos of your invoices and store them online
- Have access to everything you need - from invoices to budget - right from your phone
- Ditch your spreadsheets and antiquated methods, easily streamline your processes

- Orderly does the hard work for you.
- We'll monitor your account to stay on top of your purchasing.
- No more counts.  No more equations.  No more faulty numbers.
- Get all your numbers when you snap your invoices and update your sales.

Get your accurate food costs in under 3 minutes.
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Not really good for anything

this app had some potential… And I mean barely any… before it’s recent update. After the update, pretty much the only features that work for us are now obsolete. It makes no sense how to use, the experience is totally busted now. What a waste of my time. now there is no way to go back and edit anything and it bumps you out of uploading quite often. when you do get through- it seems to fail about 50% of the time.

ambarilMon, Aug 2, 2021
United StatesUnited States

I like it

It works great for keeping track of ingredient price fluctuations. I catch my distributor on it all the time now because Orderly alerts you if any prices have gone up. It’s great for inventory and ordering food and automatically downloading and tracking your invoices (if your distributor is compatible). Even though it has great value, I do still think the monthly price is too expensive. That would be my only reason for leaving. If I found something with similar functionality, I’d give it a shot just because Orderly is overpriced with their subscriptions.

dmfdomSun, Jun 2, 2019
United StatesUnited States

Employees will harass you after app fails to work

Please hear me out. When it comes to business inventory apps, this one is the worst. The program itself does not work in any way. It was downloaded onto 3 separate ipads/iphones on 3 separate apple accounts and not one of them was able to add inventory, input quantities or take pictures of invoices in order to track food costs... the main reason why this app would be downloaded. I kept getting error messages with different codes that would freeze the app or not allow me to continue, and after troubleshooting with Orderly I realized it was a huge waste of time and it still wasn’t working so I deleted it. I really regret downloading this app as I keep getting harassed by Orderly employees via email, phone, or any other channel in which they acquire your personal information for... even though I have politely asked many times that I do not wish to be contacted again. They also do not have a link to unsubscribe from their commercial email which is actually illegal under the CAN-SPAM act and carries a hefty fine of just over $40,000. Hopefully someone from Orderly will see this and realize these aggressive intrusions are not only going to turn current users away but also keep any users that delete the app from ever giving it a second try. Hopefully I will not have to pursue a claim against Orderly beyond this review. For those of you who got this far, thanks for hearing me out.

KiLLa CaMTue, Aug 14, 2018
United StatesUnited States


Downloaded the app to see how it would work and if it would be helpful for my bar. Started receiving multiple daily calls from sales reps-not okay with this. Blocked the phone calls and deleting the app.

mhtcguyhbMon, Jun 25, 2018
United StatesUnited States


The second I signed up, they called me within 5 minutes of doing so, had googled me, found an article about me, and asked me about it and if I had 20 minutes to talk about the app. Really creepy. To the app creators: No restaurant owner wants to talk to you for 20 minutes while you pitch them an overpriced app for which they can probably figure out the features themselves. They called me relentlessly. And finally called me on a private "No Caller ID." Final straw. I told him we weren't interested in moving forward at this time and he actually asked "Did you even explain the app to your boss or did you just tell him you found a cool app?" Then mansplained to me all over again what the app does. No thanks.

kelseykaynoFri, Apr 13, 2018
United StatesUnited States

Owner's best friend

Having my invoices in the palm of my hand is awesome. My suppliers know I use Orderly and they sharpen their pencil!

SselemankcinTue, Oct 10, 2017
United StatesUnited States

Nifty app

Great app! My favorite part is the price comparison.

joyugiThu, Sep 28, 2017
United StatesUnited States
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