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Ivanti Go securely connects your iOS device to your company network so that you can easily access email and other work resources.

Best Technology
• Purpose-built for Mobile IT with millions of users globally
• Complete separation of corporate and personal data
• 500+ of Global 2000 customers
• More than 97% customer support satisfaction rate

With just a few quick steps, Ivanti Go makes getting access to corporate resources easy on your iOS device:

► FAST ACCESS: Immediate access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. 
► AUTOMATED: Connect automatically to corporate Wi-Fi and VPN networks.
► EASY: Discover and install work related applications on your device wherever you are. 
► SECURE: Automated compliance with corporate security policies.
► FIND MY PHONE: Locate lost or stolen devices and remotely manage them.

1) Ivanti Go Client requires use of Apple iOS 13.0 or later. 
2) Ivanti Go works in conjunction with Ivanti Cloud supported by your company’s IT organization. Please follow the instructions from your IT organization to use this app. Ivanti Go is required to access corporate resources and therefore should not be removed without first consulting your IT organization.

Learn about Mobile Device Management: https://www.ivanti.com/products/ivanti-neurons-for-mdm
Learn about Mobile Security: https://www.ivanti.com/solutions/security/mobile-security?miredirect

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoIvanti
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/goivanti
Find more about Ivanti: http://www.Ivanti.com
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Least reliable app on my phone

Constantly bounces between connected and disconnected with an error. Easily the least reliable app on my phone and constantly making it difficult to use.

SJBworkMon, Nov 6, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Seamless app that gets me access to work

It just works. Followed the steps, got all of my works apps seamlessly pushed and configured.

RogerLSky87Mon, Jul 10, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Release notes

Your release note of the name change “Ivanti Go for iOS has been re-branded to Ivanti Go for iOS” Nice

Nallen91Tue, Jun 13, 2023
United StatesUnited States

App always tries to install

To all who have this pop up issue, go to settings, general, then vpn and device management. Then remove mobileiron or ivanti as a manager. Best of luck.

David1978LMon, Jun 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States

App notifications

I am receiving install requests every few minutes and I have deleted the app.

unicorn OMGWed, Dec 28, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Horrible App

Even after deleting it, I still get notifications from the app numerous times a day. Save yourself a headache and do not download it. Seriously.

Naryan GillSat, Dec 3, 2022
United StatesUnited States

App keeps trying to reinstall

I deleted this all about a week ago, and easily 6 times a day I get a notification that it’s trying to reinstall on my phone. Whatever you do DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP you will never get away from it. Apple please help out everyone and remove this app from the App Store.

Swankbiscuit22Sun, Oct 23, 2022
United StatesUnited States
Download & Revenue
DOWNLOAD 12.3KNov 2023Worldwide
REVENUEN/ANov 2023Worldwide
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Min Os. Version
Release Date
Tue, Jul 23, 2013
Update Date
Tue, Nov 7, 2023
Content Rating
Has IMessage
Support Watch
Support Siri
File Size
Has Game Center
Family Sharing
Support Passbook
Supported Languages
English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese
What's New
4 weeks ago
Support for Google Beyond Corp Integration
Display End users License agreement in the app

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