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HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team.  

Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t.  Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes.

Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes.  The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office.  And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture.
NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer.

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Extremely slow + faulty

At first I though it was my connection but every other app would load perfectly fine except for HotSchedules. Other coworkers have the same issue. Entire app takes very long to load anything and freezes ALL the time.

Stinkbug02Fri, Jun 2, 2023
United StatesUnited States


The app no longer sends notifications anymore!!! There’s no way that there not aware of this bug!!! Why

RayBubba7Mon, May 29, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Give us dark mode

We want dark mode! Help me save my poor eyes! I work on a dark movie theater and it would be awesome to have a dark mode for this app.

SnacksLCLMSun, May 28, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Hot Garbage

App rarely loads on first few attempts. It’s always down or unavailable when you need it the most. Can’t believe I paid actual money for this garbage user experience. It has been this way for 13+ years I have suffered with this awful app. Please update your servers so your pages actually load and spend some money on improving this maddeningly awful UI. Thanks

Schmeriff 69420Fri, May 26, 2023
United StatesUnited States


Worst app ever. If you are thinking about using this app for your employees, DON’T. You can tell they literally do not care about making this app better. It freezes, lags, doesn’t work for HOURS sometimes all when you need to look at your schedule or see your shift. This app is a headache and they’re charging $2.99. They release updates and it does nothing. It makes it worse. This must be run and updated by children because there is no way capable adults are satisfied by this horrible app. There’s a reason they have so many recent bad reviews and they still don’t care. It’s a joke.

PlayirTue, May 23, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Freezes all the time

I’m on a brand new phone from 2023 and the app freezes on me on a weekly basis and will stay frozen even when reopening the app or restarting the phone. I have to go to the website to find my schedule once a month or more because of this problem. For an app that is not free and is required for many jobs this is completely unacceptable.

bcwatcherFri, May 19, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Worst/slowest app in the history of apps.

This is the slowest app I have literally ever used on the entire App Store in the history of all time. It is consistently buggy to the point where you can rely on its failure and incompetence. It is consistently not loading, to the point where you can rely on it not doing anything at all during certain times. this app is pitiful and whoever made it should be ashamed of themselves as a programmer. Sad.

KryptomiThu, May 18, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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DOWNLOAD 151.7KMay 2023Worldwide
REVENUE$61.8KMay 2023Worldwide
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Release Date
Fri, Oct 31, 2008
Update Date
Mon, May 22, 2023
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Has IMessage
Support Watch
Support Siri
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Has Game Center
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Support Passbook
Supported Languages
English, Spanish
Jun 7, 2023
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Jun 7, 2023
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Jun 6, 2023
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What's New
2 weeks ago
- Various bug fixes and improvements

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