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Bad Piggies 2

Bad Piggies 2

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Unleash your creativity and get ready to build the ultimate driving/flying/crashing machine! Cross the finish line in vehicular challenges full of arcade action and high speed hijinks with yours truly - the Bad Piggies! OiNk! OiNk! 

Our piggy protagonist is going downhill – fast! Help this little green apprentice learn the ways of contraption crafting and get them to the finish line in tons of tricky challenges. Each level is a new puzzle! Unlock new parts and assemble them in any way that gets you from point A to point B. Building is only half the job, once constructed, you will have to get your crazy contraption to victory, taking control of precision machinery like pressurized soda bottles, motorized wheels, TNT boxes, boxing gloves, umbrellas – anything it takes to get to the finish line in one piece – or many pieces…

Bad Piggies 2 is the sequel to the crafty contraption-building arcade puzzle game from the creators of Angry Birds. Play the newest Bad Piggies experience updated with a new engine under the hood, a fresh coat of paint, and perfectly tuned for high speed action. 

- Unleash your creativity! Come up with creative ways to complete various unique and challenging levels. 
- Unlock new parts as you play and use them to build the wackiest vehicles of all time.
- Enter the State Fair to take part in exciting events and complete unique challenges.
- Hours of Fun! Play tons of levels packed with hours and hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun! 
- Experience the next generation of Bad Piggies’ arcade/puzzle gameplay!
- Stay Tuned - We’re planning regular updates with new levels, and many more surprises to keep Bad Piggies 2 packed with contraption crafting action! 

So buckle up and get ready for some explosive fun!  


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De game heeft vee glitches en doet het niet goed originele versie veel beter rot op met je bad piggies 2 of maak ze meer zoals bad piggies 1

pokemonfan10 2009Wed, Aug 16, 2023

Het kan beter

De1 wereld is wel leuk maar de tweede wereld is al moeilijk mijn tip maak het wat uitgebreider en wat minder moeilijk en wat meer levels per wereld

rtygfgugffWed, Aug 9, 2023


Super saai spel en ik kan niet eens langs level 9 komen omdat die auto gewoon uit elkaar valt voordat die überhaupt iets aanrecht

Leuke blavabskejejMon, Aug 7, 2023

Just don’t play this

This game is a steaming pile of dog turds ducht taped together

bshbsudybcuyscbyuscbcdfMon, Jun 12, 2023

Very Disappointed

I had big expectations for this game, I was hyped when it was first announced. But lacks a lot of stuff. Which I would expect for a soft launched game, But I expected better. Why it’s bad —Movie design —Save data deletes after 2 weeks —Energy bar takes away a lot of the fun. —No different level worlds. —Gets pretty boring Again, This is what I would expect for a first version game. But it feels like there’s almost nothing to do. It gets repetitive after some time. Rovio, please add more stuff after it releases. Personally, I would prefer reversing these things.

the kid on the streetThu, Jun 8, 2023

Goodbye data

was already an horrible game, and now all my data got deleted. if i could, i gave it -2 stars

Someone123hello321Sat, Jun 3, 2023

My saves got deleted

After a few weeks I got the tutorial again and all my save data was lost!

AdDestroyerFri, Jun 2, 2023
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1 month ago
A BP2 update!
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Gem Toolbox - S
€ 1,99
Gem Barrel - XXL
€ 34,99
Gem Barrel - M
€ 17,99
Gem Crate - 3XL
€ 14,99
Gem Cart - L
€ 59,99
Gem Cart - XL
€ 99,99
Gem Barrel - L
€ 22,99
Gem Cart - M
€ 44,99
Gem Barrel - XL
€ 22,99

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