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Don’t let distance get in the way of game night! We’ve got you covered. We’re bringing you all the classic board game fun you could ever want, and helping you to connect with your friends and family in new ways!

With Bubble Play you can:

- Create your free account
- Invite your friends
- Start group chats
- Start games directly from those chats
- Move seamlessly to video chat while you play

It’s simple multiplayer fun with your favourite people, via in-game video chat.

With Bubble Play you can play  Marmalade games on screens of every size. Connect with your TV, mobile or tablet and play digital board games together wherever you are!

About Marmalade Game Studio
Marmalade Game Studio makes quality multiplayer board games. Play anywhere on your mobile! Enjoy the best tabletop games with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter of you’re together or apart. You can find the fun with people you know or players around the world. Our games are ad-free, family friendly fun. For quality time, look for the Marmalade Game Studio logo.


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1.0.3 Build - Version Live

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