The New Cluedo

The New Cluedo

New Official Cluedo Board Game

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4.8 (72)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
New Official Cluedo Board Game
Brand new for 2023. Experience a fresh take on the classic crime-solving board game. Step into new mysteries and use your skills of deduction to find out who? With what weapon? Where? Join fellow detectives all over the world. Gather crucial evidence, interrogate suspects, and solve the original murder mystery.

Follow your suspects through the iconic Tudor Mansion, unlocking their motives and alibis as you go. Play by the original rules, or try a new investigation format available exclusively to Cluedo. Face your suspects in a direct interrogation as you rely on your skills of deduction to get to the truth. Experience the mystery, solve the murder your way and become the detective you want to be!


- THE CLASSIC TUDOR MANSION - The complete ad-free original board game in stunning fully animated 3D. It’s the most iconic murder mystery of all time!

- NEW ULTIMATE DETECTIVE GAME FORMAT - A Cluedo exclusive for crime enthusiasts - interrogate multiple suspects at once and run your investigation with more freedom and creativity than ever before!

- CASE FILES - Unlock layers of backstory, revealing information about the characters, their motives and alibis. Unlock every clue and earn bonus items, including premium dice and tokens!

- NEW CLUE CARDS - The latest standard gameplay from Hasbro: when you roll a magnifying glass, draw a Clue Card and get free movement to any room, the chance to ask fellow suspects to reveal a card, and more!

- SINGLE PLAYER MODE - Challenge AI detectives. Alter difficulty levels and tailor your investigation.

- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Join detectives around the world to interrogate suspects, gather evidence and solve the mystery.

- PRIVATE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Interrogate your friends, cross-examine your family, and unravel the truth.


- THE BLACK ADDER RESORT - What happened after Tudor Mansion? Find out in this NEW Crime Scene. How did they come to be at the same resort at the same time? And who murdered Callan Coral?! There’s a storm approaching, and in the tropical heat a new mystery is taking shape.

- MORE TO COME - New Crime Scenes are coming, including characters, case files and more!

CLUEDO and HASBRO and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2023 Hasbro.
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Take time to get used to

I’ve played classic for years now and it’s totally different. Only played one game, graphics are fab and not glitchy like classic. Although, I use my phone to play and the clue sheet very small. Gonna take a while to get used to.

NonilaneSun, Nov 5, 2023
United KingdomUnited Kingdom


Great game. As longtime Cluedo fan I love this edition and the new variation. Great graphics, sound and atmosphere. Will there be a season pass or will we need to buy new themes individually? UPDATE : Thank you for adding a Season Pass which I purchased straightaway. Intrigued about the references to eight suspects in the Black Adder Resort - Hyacinth and Grey. They are mentioned in the Case Files but aren’t playable suspects - is this something to be revealed in future updates?

jonnypdhThu, Oct 26, 2023
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

It’s ok

I thought I wrote a review already? It’s good game, less buggy than the original but still no chat feature for online player mode?

NopeadopefckoffSun, Oct 15, 2023
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Good game but some major mistakes

This game is overall good but there should be the proper Cluedo characters since when was miss scarlet black (not that I have issue at all just factually wrong for game) the graphics are way better then first game the online aspect is hit and miss not many playing

Dm792011Wed, Oct 4, 2023
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Great Game but………

Love this, but the latest update has destroyed the game play and it is now unplayable, please remove the bugs immediately, especially as this is a paid game…..

Coys4lifeSun, Oct 1, 2023
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Murderously good update

Really enjoyable variations to the classic game, with attractive characters and locations. Hopefully more people will join for online games soon - not sure if it’s server issues or a lack of players for a fairly new game, but it’s hard to find opponents at the moment. Even single player is fun, though

GingertrampFri, Sep 1, 2023
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Absolutely amazing

This game is a massive step up from the previous Cluedo app, with much improved graphics, more game modes, unlockables and much more. Maybe an extra hard difficulty could be added for the people who have a lot of experience with Cluedo? When I play on hard, I don’t often lose. I don’t know if that’s an issue with the difficulty or not. But regardless, this is a fantastic app from fantastic developers. Lots of fun. Definitely one of the best apps so far.

sdffffcdSat, Aug 26, 2023
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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Wed, Oct 25, 2023
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Dec 4, 2023
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Dec 4, 2023
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Dec 4, 2023
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1 month ago
The official Cluedo video board game is here, delivering a fresh take on the crime-solving classic!

- Join detectives around the world in the crime-solving classic
- Interrogate multiple suspects at once and become the ultimate detective in a new and exclusive game format
- Unlock case files full of evidence, motives, interview transcripts and more as you play

Approach your investigation from fresh angles and become the detective you want to be!
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Cluedo 2 Epic Crime Collection
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