GoodSweep: Effective Cleaner

GoodSweep: Effective Cleaner

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Disorganized storage can be a hassle when trying to find a specific file quickly. The thought of digging through your cluttered Gallery to find that favorite photo of your cat can be daunting. Before you know it, you've accumulated many large videos, blurry images, and random screenshots. Does this sound familiar? If so, it's time to consider GoodSweep. 

This program is your round-the-clock helper for tidying up digital clutter. Plus, with GoodSweep, you gain a reliable in-app vault for securely storing all your private media. Say goodbye to digital disarray and hello to organized, protected storage!

What can be detected and deleted?

Identical photos and videos,
Serial images from different photo sessions,
Huge videos, which take up lots of free space,
Screenshots, which you don’t need anymore,
Duplicated contacts.

Thus, with GoodSweep, you get rid of unused photos, duplicate contacts, large videos - everything you don't need, thereby freeing up space in your device's. You can delete photos selectively or all at once, as well as filter them by date. Furthermore, you can also delete similar videos or filter them by size, select them individually or as a whole array. Moreover, GoodSweep gives you the opportunity to select categories of contacts that can be deleted so that only the most necessary ones remain in your device's storage.

You no longer need to worry about the security and privacy of your data with our secret storage! Your files will be securely protected from unauthorized access. A secret vault is a place where you can store your precious data, knowing that it is safe. Security systems such as Face ID and Touch ID become the guarantor of the safety of your files.

Nothing more superfluous! Experience the full range of benefits of the best photo cleaner for your device with GoodSweep!

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REVENUE$7.8KFeb 2024Worldwide
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Sat, Dec 2, 2023
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Mon, Dec 18, 2023
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2 months ago
application stability has been improved 
improved algorithmization of dulicates detection
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