EasyPark - Parking made easy

EasyPark - Parking made easy

Park on streets, garages, parking lots or airports in +3200 cities in Europe

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Park on streets, garages, parking lots or airports in +3200 cities in Europe
EasyPark has been making cities more livable since 2001. With millions of drivers, businesses, and operators using our services in more than 20 countries, we continue to develop convenient, easy-to-use solutions to save you time, and money and remove the unnecessary stress of car parking.

EasyPark is the nr. 1 parking app in Europe when it comes to coverage. With our mobile parking solution, you can pay for parking in a garage or find a parking spot in the street, in the city center or in the airport, at home or abroad - wherever life takes you! You can also charge your EV, and go even further.

Price: In most locations, we charge a service fee on top of the parking cost the operator charges. The total price and fee breakdown are shown in the EasyPark app when you set your end time and before you start to park, as well as in your parking receipt when the session has ended, so you are confident about how much you’re paying. Please see your local easypark.com site for more details.

With the EasyPark app, you can:
★ Start your session from your mobile phone.
★ Stop your session at any time, paying for the active time.
★ Remotely extend your session if you need more time.
★ Find parking near your location or destination before traveling.
★ Charge your electric car with the same app.
★ Pay for parking, whether privately or for work.
★ Split your private and work-related parking or charging costs.
★ Pay with secure methods such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Google Pay, or monthly invoices for business accounts.
★ Get notified when your parking is close to expiration.

You can pay for parking and EV charging with the EasyPark app in: Rome, Madrid, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki and so many more!

Please note that the EasyPark app is unavailable in the United Kingdom. To park in the UK, please use the RingGo app instead.
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SMS di registrazione non arriva

Stefano CarliSat, May 18, 2024

Without doubt the simplest and most efficient parking app. Shame the ones in the UK are so useless by comparison

Ian JSat, May 18, 2024

very good

I belong to jesus // shamFri, May 17, 2024

Cannot get sms when setting up account

Sagi KharashFri, May 17, 2024

The app is decent overall, the location functionality for finding the correct parking zones is quick and easy when compared to other apps. It needs a better reminder that the parking is still running if you drive off though, based on my experience I'm not sure it does this or not, whereas when using PayStay you are notified immediately if you drive off. I'm also not a fan of having to set a parking time for every scenario, you don't have to be precise, but it should be optional.

Mathew HainesFri, May 17, 2024

No Google pay integration. Too many steps to use.

Bob ChauvinThu, May 16, 2024

My town hasn't updated their parking hours on the EP website, so we're being debited even during free parking periods. I'm sure there are many other towns like this. Class-action lawsuit, anyone?

Eric HompeWed, May 15, 2024
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Tue, Aug 2, 2011
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Mon, May 6, 2024
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2 weeks ago
This version includes minor improvements & fixes to the app. By updating, you can ensure that you have the latest masterpiece version of the EasyPark app on your phone - until the next release comes. Keep updated and keep moving!

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