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Calculator: Calculator App

Calculator: Calculator App

Simple Calculator app for Android. Basic + Scientific Calculator

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Simple Calculator app for Android. Basic + Scientific Calculator
Welcome to use this handy calculator, a simple and practical tool for your daily life with a clean interface. The calculator provides all mathematical functions more efficiently than your handheld Calculator. Every calculation you need is now right in the palm of your hand. Download this best scientific calculator free and forget about those costly calculators. This all-in-one calculator Looks and Works like Electronic Calculator that we use anywhere. The perfect Calculator for Android is easy to use and beautifully designed to do things better than your phone or handheld Calculator.

The best Calculator that does all Basic & Scientific Calculations. Now calculate any value without applying long formulas with this Scientific Calculator. The Simple Calculator ++ is a Math Solver for you that makes your math homework fun for you. So effortlessly solve any math problem with this Stylish Calculator - CALC. This Free Calculator is the perfect Math Calculator you ever need. Perform your calculations with just one click with this Calculator ++ & Math Solver.

All-in-one Calculator that saves your time and effort is also perfect for shopping, doing homework, balancing checkbooks, or even calculating taxes. And if you quit the calculator and go do something else, this Calc is still here when you come back. With Financial Calculators - Electronic Calculator you'll never need to type the same calculation twice again. Also, this Stylish Calculator - CALC appears in front of any application running on your device. You can interact with any contents behind it, move it to any place or Hide Calculator Keyboard.

Enjoy the extended free functionalities of Calculator ++
• Big Buttons for Easy Calculations
• Basic & Scientific Calculator
• History Tape: Track all calculations, taxes, and expenses
• Edit Equation
• Calculate with Degrees or Radians
• Currency & Common Units Converting
• Memory Banks
• Notepad Calculator
• Choose your Decimal Notation
• Set the Number of Decimals
• Dark Mode by Stylish Calculator - CALC
• Support for both phones and tablets

Additional functions:
• Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly design with large buttons and optional vibration.
• Scientific Calculator Plus has customizable precision and decimal place.

Now perform all basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and do all scientific calculations such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions with this best Scientific Calculator - Financial Calculator App also used in Tips, Discounts & Tax Calculating

Math Calculator Plus - Conversion Calculator, Free Calculator App is recommended for you and is the best calculating app that saves your time and efforts. Suggested for you to give us feedback and tell us what you think about Calculator - Simple Calculator app to develop a good next version!

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Its so nice

Birendra BhujelSat, Jul 1, 2023


Dhiraj PatelFri, Jun 23, 2023

This app is very good

Vikas DiwakarMon, May 29, 2023


Ali HassanThu, May 18, 2023


Rai asimSat, May 13, 2023


Abu RaihanThu, Apr 20, 2023


ramesh dhanadiSun, Apr 2, 2023
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Mon, Sep 19, 2022
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Tue, Nov 29, 2022
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9 months ago
✔️ Basic & Scientific Calculations
✔️ History available for copy-and-paste.
✔️ Bug fixes and performance improvements

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