Bluetooth Pair Connect Devices

Bluetooth Pair Connect Devices

Bluetooth pairing auto detect or Connect Bluetooth devices and file transfer app

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Bluetooth pairing auto detect or Connect Bluetooth devices and file transfer app
All Bluetooth devices can be paired with Bluetooth Pair - Connect Devices app.
Do you use a lot of Bluetooth devices? The Bluetooth Finder app allows you to sync all Bluetooth device auto connect. Use the Bluetooth Pair Connect Devices app to connect to all Bluetooth gadgets and devices. Simple Bluetooth speaker connection app that connects to the nearby device automatically. Your Bluetooth connection will become even better with the help of the BT connect file transfer app! Installing the Bluetooth Auto Connect app will now improve your Bluetooth connection! When you have a variety of Bluetooth devices at your disposal, including Bluetooth earbuds, audio speakers, car mp3 players, headsets, bluetooth speakers, and more, Bluetooth Connect is an app that can automate the pairing and connection process.

Use a priority list to establish the number of devices to connect to them if you are tired of using the Bluetooth device finder and scanner connect to manually search and connect Bluetooth devices, such Bluetooth airpods and Bluetooth keyboard. You only need to manually locate the dual Bluetooth speaker connection device the first time you do this while quickly as Bluetooth is turned on, your car BT pair app will instantly connect and search for your Bluetooth device.

Features of Bluetooth scanner - Bluetooth connector app:
🔷 Easy and Fast user interface of bluetooth connection app.
🔹 Easy connect / disconnect device through auto connect bluetooth devices.
🔶 Set volume level after connect bluetooth connect speaker.
🔸 Notification display on mobile when bluetooth device is connected.
🔷View a list of all bluetooth paired devices of your phone.
🔹 Bluetooth connect to speaker and bluetooth headphones connect.
🔶Connect bluetooth to car.
🔸Bluetooth device Finder and Scanner.
🔷Show a battery level of bluetooth pairing. (Only from android 6 not all devices support it)
🔹Notification display on mobile when Bluetooth device is connected.
🔶Multiple share files and transfer photos, audios and videos with over file transfer app.
🔸Find all connect bluetooth devices, including connected, paired and unknown devices.

You can choose which bluetooth devices you want to automatically pair with using the bluetooth device finder and scanner app. You can select to automatically make this connection when your phone Bluetooth is turned on, for instance, if you frequently link your phone permanently to your car Bluetooth connection. Connect a bluetooth speaker so you may listen to and enjoy high quality music.

Bluetooth audio widget battery is used by the wireless Bluetooth connector app, which allows you to rapidly view the headset battery life when connecting a Bluetooth speaker. Share it bluetooth enhanced mode is simple to enable. A menu with options to connect and disconnect, choose the active device, and manage Bluetooth file transfer devices appears when you click on the widget.

How to use Bluetooth Pair - Connect Devices app:
⋆ Install "Bluetooth Connector" app from Play Store.
⋆ Grant the Bluetooth permissions required by the app.
⋆ Turn on your Bluetooth device and pair it.
⋆ List of Bluetooth devices is available in the app.
⋆ Tap on the device you want to connect to pair us.
⋆ You will be able to connect to your Bluetooth device automatically in the future with the Bluetooth app if ⋆ you store the connection information in the app.
⋆ Turn off the device or move out of range after using it. An automatic battery saving feature will disconnect the app.

Don't panic out if you have any problem getting connected. Restarting the app after turning it off and back on is the quickest way to reconnect. Each connected devices information is available for viewing.

You can quickly and simply connect bluetooth devices with our bluetooth device auto connect app! If you enjoy using our bluetooth speaker app, please leaving a good review and rating on the Play Store.
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Convivial app offering multiple connection options in one window

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