WINDS - The Patron App

WINDS - The Patron App

WINDS is a one-of-its-kind Universal Super App

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WINDS is a one-of-its-kind Universal Super App
The Official WINDS customer app brings you the best of Online & Offline shopping clubbed with Utility Bill Payments and Gift Vouchers in the palm of your hand, so you can enjoy a more rewarding and seamless purchase experience. Recommend your Friends and family to WINDS and you stand to earn 10% of WINDS earnings on every transaction they make using WINDS, so you earn while your friends shop! 

Why: Just by using the WINDS App for your everyday shopping you can earn WRP ( Winds Reward Points) on every purchase , collect 5000 WRP to get one coupon to participate in 2 draws the Monthly Rewards Draw and the Mega Bumper Lucky Draw! The more you shop the better your chances of winning! You can also be rewarded for introducing your friends and family to WINDS and earn 10% of WINDS earnings on every transaction they make using WINDS.

What is a WRP: As WINDS customer you can earn WINDS Reward Points (WRPs) for every shopping transaction done through WINDS App at any Online or Offline Executive Partner Stores across India.Every Rupee spent on WINDS earns you 1 WRP, however for bill pay and utility payment you earn a pre decided amount on every transaction.WINDS provides you with abundant opportunities to accumulate 5,000 WRPs and become eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

How:It's simple, download the WINDS Customer App from the Google Play Store. Explore 109+ categories across your favorite online shopping sites as well as nearby offline stores.On shopping through WINDS Customer App, you earn WINDS Reward Points (WRPs) on every purchase.On accumulating 5,000 WINDS Reward Points (WRPs) you will gain eligibility into the Monthly Rewards Draw and the Mega Bumper Lucky Draw where Lakhs of consumers will stand a chance to Win Crores of Rupees. Switch to WINDS and Earn BIG!

Salient Features:

1. Provides easy access to both Online Shopping Sites & Offline Retail Outlets (Executive Partners) across all categories.WINDS brings you the most reliable and exclusive offline partners around you in over 109+ categories. Also, you get the convenience of online shopping and earn WINDS Reward Points (WRPs) on every transaction, qualifying you into the monthly cash rewards draw and mega bumper lucky draw.

2. Offers smooth turn-by-turn navigation through Maps to all the registered offline stores near you. Through WINDS App, you can select your favorite vendors/partners around you and get the exact location of the shop. Shopping was never so convenient.

3. WINDS is giving an opportunity to discover hyper-local offers & deals at the Offline Retail Stores (Executive Partner) Outlets in your neighborhood. You can now stay updated about all special offers and discounts from vendors of your area. Through WINDS App, you get notified of the various offers and never miss a chance to Save BIG.

4. Provides total convenience of shopping with a user-friendly experience across countless products under 109+ service categories. WINDS is a universal digital platform combining the best user experiences along with best available services for hassle-free shopping. The app is simple to use and provide seamless discovery to everything you want to shop.

5. WINDS App provides you with added convenience of paying utility bills, purchasing gifts vouchers from leading brands, paying for day-to-day services and get rewarded for every transaction. Pay your mobile bills, data card, water, electricity and gas bills on WINDS App. Get ready for a new era of easy and secure payments on all your household transactions. You can also schedule repeated payments for automatic reminders.

6. You can also refer your friends to WINDS and earn on every transaction they make! So you earn when your friends shop!


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very good

Vikash KumarMon, Mar 27, 2023

Very nice opportunity

Rajkumar MaityMon, Mar 27, 2023

You do not get any type of coins on recharging through this app, this app is false.

Deepak SainiMon, Mar 27, 2023

Very good

Gauri Shankar PandeySun, Mar 26, 2023

Acha hee

Achu KottarakkaraSun, Mar 26, 2023

Very good 👍

Parun PaSun, Mar 26, 2023


Govind KumarSat, Mar 25, 2023
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Thu, Oct 17, 2019
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Tue, Mar 28, 2023
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1 day ago
* Improved UI/UX Flow
* Bug Fixes

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