TimeChimp - Time Tracking

TimeChimp - Time Tracking

Track your hours, miles and expenses with TimeChimp. Easy does it.

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Track your hours, miles and expenses with TimeChimp. Easy does it.
Time tracking doesn’t have to be a burden. Feel like you’re always busy but not productive? Start tracking with TimeChimp. Track your workday with just a few taps on your smartphone. All entries are safely stored and accessible wherever you are. Easy does it.


- Time tracking: Time tracking made easy. How ever you want. Track your hours or let the tool do the work by entering your start and end time.

- Timer: Tap to start the timer and get to work. Don’t worry about details; just quickly add a customer, project or activity later.

- Approval: Submit your hours for approval and see which hours are pending, approved or rejected.

- Planning: Hate checking chaotic schedules? TimeChimp shows you if and when you have to work. Easy does it.

- Time off & overtime: See whether you’ve worked overtime and if you still have some of those precious vacation hours left.

- Dashboard: Gain insight into your worked hours, time off, overtime, sick hours, and more.

- Synching: Keep your entries synced across multiple devices and instances so you can work the way you want.


- Do I need a new account to use the app?
No! You can use your original TimeChimp account to log in to the mobile app. You also don’t have to pay for a new licence.

- Can I send feedback?
You sure can! We’d love to hear from you. You can use the feedback button in the web application or send an email to [email protected].

That’s TimeChimp in a nutshell! A tool to track your workday with minimal effort for maximum productivity. Whether you’re working in an office, at home or out in the field, TimeChimp is your tracking tool. Easy does it.
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After a new release 2.1.9 the app works like charm again. Thanks for the quick solution. Before it was crashing during the startup.

Martinus CheungThu, Feb 29, 2024

This app used to be a lot better, though customer care really is on top of things.

Leon VosmeijerTue, Jul 11, 2023

Jammer dat met de laatste update dd app het opnieuw moeilijker maskt tijden in te voeren. In de update van 20-7 is het probleen inmiddels opgelost.

BoMon, May 22, 2023

Thank you for the updates. The new setup is significantly nicer to use. --- Original issue: restarting a timer was a bit of a hassle after a previous update, and prone to mistakes due to swiping. This has now been resolved, with the start timer option available as button after selecting an entry.

AlighierianThu, May 4, 2023

Previous version was easier to work with, registering is so painful I now prefer a pc to do this on, completing the registration of hours is per job not per day or week making it a massive hassle. All in all the old version is about 10 times more user friendly

Vincent OuwehandFri, Apr 7, 2023

After new update, I can't pause. Need pause and play. It just giving edit, submit or delete.

Himanshu KumarMon, Apr 3, 2023

Nieuwe versie echt niet mee te werken. Van/tot regels niet meer volledig aan te passen en tijdinvoer is zeer gebrekkig

Tobias SijtsmaThu, Mar 16, 2023
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Fri, Mar 4, 2016
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Wed, Mar 27, 2024
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2 weeks ago
This release includes small improvements and fixes for the timer, editing entries, and switching between organizations.

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