Safety Note+

Safety Note+

You can now keep your most private notes away form unauthorized access.

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You can now keep your most private notes away form unauthorized access.
Introducing Safety Note+: Keep Your Most Private Notes Secure

Have you ever experienced the frustration of lending someone your phone, only to have them intrude on your personal information? We understand the discomfort that comes with it. That's why we created Safety Note+. With this powerful app, you can now safeguard your private notes from unauthorized access effortlessly.

Key Features:

• Advanced security system: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to protect your notes
• Passcode protection: Quickly and easily secure your most private and sensitive notes with a passcode only known to you
• Biometric support: Unlock the app using TouchID or FaceID for added convenience
• Intruder report: Capture photos of unauthorized individuals attempting to access your app
• Decoy password: Conceal your real privacy with a decoy password
• Folder-specific passcode locking: Enhance security by applying passcode protection to individual folders
• Dot pattern lock style: Opt for a higher level of security with the dot pattern lock style
• Multiple lock designs: Choose from three stylish and user-friendly lock designs without compromising security
• Intuitive interface: Selectable themes and an easy-to-use interface make managing your notes a breeze
• Note organization: Create, sort, move, and copy notes within folders
• Backup and sharing options: Back up notes to your computer via iTunes file sharing or iCloud, and share notes between Android or iOS devices with Safety Note+ installed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
• Additional features: Auto-save, note search, email notes, and full orientation support

Your privacy matters. With Safety Note+, you can confidently secure your personal information. Customize your passcode style, protect individual folders, and experience the peace of mind that comes with complete control over your private notes.

Download Safety Note+ now and ensure that what goes into Safety Note+ remains for your eyes only.

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After you highlight the text, you can not copy it. Please fix.

Phuong LamFri, Feb 16, 2024

this app has many password types but add text color and highlighting text to make your app more better

Aman AhmadSat, Jan 20, 2024

Awesome note taking app: both quick notes as well as long-form notes. NB: developers; pls fix the biometric unlock. Not functioning on Samsung device

Nicki Van RooiMon, Aug 14, 2023
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Mon, May 6, 2024
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