Audio Cues

Audio Cues

Audio control for live performance. Manage sound for theatre, dance and more.

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Audio control for live performance. Manage sound for theatre, dance and more.
Audio Cues is designed for live performance. With just an Android phone or tablet, you can create and run simple audio designs for theatre, dance, and other live entertainment. Backing tracks for musicians, sound effects for magicians: all are possible with this simple app.

In-App Purchase: Unlimited Shows and Cues
Audio Cues permits up to 2 shows on each device and up to 10 cues per show without any payment or registration. An in-app purchase adds support for Unlimited Shows and Cues. In-app purchases are connected to Google accounts rather than individual devices, so the Unlimited Shows and Cues package will be recognized wherever you download the app with your account.

New release, September 2023
• New waveform dialog added for visually editing an audio cue's start and stop points, accessed from Edit Cue screen.
• Added permission for foreground service audio playback, required in Android 14.
• Fixed: Improved visual presentation in Keyboard Shortcuts screen

Audio Cues supports five kinds of cues:
Audio cues work with all standard audio file formats, including WAV, OGG and more.
Fade cues can change a targeted audio cue's volume and pan from one channel to the other.
Stop cues immediately stop targeted audio cues.
Pause/Play cues act as a toggle switch, pausing or playing the targeted audio cues depending on whether they're currently playing.
Go to cues let you jump to another cue and optionally play it right it right away.

Other features include:
• Integration with Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox to transfer audio files to your Android device
• Support for Bluetooth media remote controls, keyboards, and Flic 2 buttons to trigger cues during performances
• Backup and restore shows to ZIP files

Keyboard shortcuts:
• Up and down cursor keys to scroll through the cue list
• Space bar to trigger the Go button
• Esc to stop all running cues
• Configurable keyboard shortcuts for navigation and running cues

Importing Audio Files
Import audio files from:
• File sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
• An SD card or thumb drive
• The device's internal storage

We recommend Audacity, a free desktop application, for creating audio files.

For more details about the app's features, read the User guide at

Tech support and feature requests
Having trouble with the app? Got a great idea for a new feature? Send an email to: [email protected]

The developer
Audio Cues was designed and developed by Seattle-based Radial Theater Project's Producing Director, David Gassner. In addition to being an active theatre artist, he teaches software development skills for LinkedIn Learning.

Radial Theater Project next production
Proceeds from Audio Cues in-app purchases support Radial Theater Project's productions in Seattle, WA. Learn more at
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Hello great app!

Rodolfo MuñozThu, Sep 7, 2023

Simply a brilliant app for running live sound cues.

Terry SaundersWed, Aug 2, 2023

Amazing app for running sound cues. Easy to use and does exactly what it says with no hassles.

Darren KelfkensThu, Jul 6, 2023

I love the app but would like to use it with a footpedal. I know Flic has been added but does anyone know of any bluetooth pedals that work with AudioCues on an android tablet?

Dadford and Sons MusicSat, Jul 1, 2023

Have been using this app for years but after a recent update when we have it plugged into our system when pressing GO the time of the song starts counting but no audio plays until we put the time bar back. I can reload the show and it'll work for a while but eventually start doing it again. Just started having this issue Wednesday night and had the same issue today. Edit. Just emailed the info you requested

Forsaken HeroSat, Jun 24, 2023

Love it!

Niels SayersFri, Jun 16, 2023


evan bolandSat, May 27, 2023
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Tue, Sep 19, 2023
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4 days ago
 Waveform dialog for visually editing an audio cue's start and stop points, accessed from Edit Cue screen.
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