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Truegrowth - Challenge Society

Change is hard. Together you can master it. Start a challenge with your friends.

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Change is hard. Together you can master it. Start a challenge with your friends.
Congratulations on your first step towards greatness! Our mission is to help you and your friends finally achieve that goals you were aiming for so long. How, may you ask? Simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Download the app and get registered.

2. Pick a challenge category. Whatever you want to work on, we have or will have you covered. You want to do more sports? No problem. It’s more about studying and finally ending those studies. Easy. Or, is it more about losing some weight and living healthier? Also, no troubles.

3. Pick a challenge duration. Maybe start with a shorter one and gather some motivation first.

4. Invite your friends. Why? The hardest battle is the one you are fighting against yourself. So, start easy and go for one against some opponents you know you can bet yet.
5. Proceed with the challenge, have fun, add some progress, check out your peers and win. Easy.

Another question we often hear, is why user our App when the market is packed with good, average and lets say, not so great products? Well, good question. Here are just a few points you may want to consider:

- We are a simple startup with a simple goal. Help people change. You do not require the latest tech, smartphone or smartwatch. You just add your honest progress (and see honest results).

- We do not hide features behind a paywall like other greedy corporations. We try to code our best together and give it to you. For free? We may present you some advertisement from time to time to feed our families. Hope you don’t mind.

- And most important, it works. Trust us. It does. Once you really give it a chance and get into it, you get hooked. If you are too lazy to add your progress in a challenge with your friends, were you really motivated enough to do the work? We doubt that. After true, hard work, you be happy to spread the word of your next step to mastering that challenge.

What else do we have planned?
- We want to add the possibility to share images of your progress, so other challenge participants can like and comment, to give you that extra little boost of motivation. Of course, this means you can also browse through your feed and spread that motivation too.

- Probably, we are adding the possibility to work on some fixed plans with your friends. This is mainly for the people who are not yet sure on how to get started. But we will keep you posted about this.

- And of course, we will continuously try and implement new challenge categories.

- Any other idea or wishes? Let use know!

What to do next? Repeat and wait for more to come.

We wish you all the best!
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Nice concept for daily life

ashish patelSun, Nov 20, 2022

Truegrowth:challenge your self is nice app.i highly recommended it

P CollageFri, Nov 11, 2022

true growth is nice is nice app

xee techThu, Nov 10, 2022

True Grouth challenge yourself is one of the best Application. I highly recommend this amazing application

Muhammad IkramMon, Nov 7, 2022

Truegrouth is one of the most important application on playstore..I am looking for such a great application

Xee TechThu, Nov 3, 2022

great app great concept and very useful in daily shedual

Ashish PatelWed, Nov 2, 2022

Excellent app

D tslSat, Oct 22, 2022
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DOWNLOAD 38Mar 2023Worldwide
REVENUEN/AMar 2023Worldwide
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Fri, May 20, 2022
Update Date
Mon, Mar 20, 2023
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What's New
1 week ago
- Challenge description can be added
- Users can update their color in ongoing challenges
- New challenge types
- Minor bugfixes
- Minor UI/UX improvements

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