Quran Majeed: القران الكريم

Quran Majeed: القران الكريم

Read Quran daily on Holy Quran App, prayer times, azan offline, qibla finder app

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Read Quran daily on Holy Quran App, prayer times, azan offline, qibla finder app
Holy Quran - قرآن مجید - 16 Lines Quran Majeed
Holy Quran القرآن الكريم is one of the best and complete codes of life and all Muslims believe that holy Quran has solutions to every problem. The most readable book in the whole world is Holy Quran - قرآن مجید. Every Muslim has to believe in the holy book the Al Quran Majeed. On normal days Muslims read Quran Sharif but in Ramadan Sharif, every Muslim recites Holy Quran القرآن الكريم for worship. This Holy Quran قرآن مجید reading pro is a bundle of blessings of Allah Almighty. Recite of Quran Kareem and reading prayers is the only way to the attainment of blessing and atonement of sins. This Quran Sharif is free to download and available for Muslims and all other religions. This Holy Quran القرآن الكريم and prayer times azan offline provides exact times of all prayers and notification of prayers reminders. Al-Quran Majeed Free with all languages translation allows using of digital Paternoster, Qibla Direction, and Qibla finder at any place. In this Quran Pak and 16 Lines Quran Majeed free recitation app you can read the Holy Quran - قرآن مجید reading application surah-wise. No need to focus on the Quran Pak pages, just open the surah which one you want to recite and easily read Holy Quran by scrolling the pages up and down. Prayer times azan offline and the Holy Quran app is the best reminder for prayer times. 16 Lines Quran Majeed is the best recitation app Al Quran Karim offline. The Al-Quran app is free for all users. Our Holy Quran القرأن الكريم is an authentic application. AL Quran app provides a translation of the Holy Book “Holy Quran - قرآن مجید” in all languages. Users can recite Quran Majeed and can be read anytime. Holy Quran android free app fully works without a Wi-Fi connection.
16 Lines Quran Majeed - Qibla Finder App
This Holy Quran القرآن الكريم with Urdu translation help to find out the exact Qibla Direction with Qibla Finder App, simply open the Holy Quran - قرآن مجید application and select the Qibla Direction finder feature and find out the qibla direction. Read Holy Quran 16 lines Offline “Quran Majeed” Holy Quran القرآن الكريم has a beautiful style, do not waste your time by scrolling pages up and down, easily recite Holy Quran as original Color printed Quran Sharif page by page. Recite Holy Quran with actual experience, feels just like an actual Quran Book in your hand, and easily continue Tilawate Qur’an Majeed.
Quran Majeed 16 lines - Prayer Times Azan Offline
AlQuran 30 juz app has a simple and attractive user interface that makes it beautiful and user-friendly. In this Quran app 16 lines, you can easily recite the whole Quran Majeed by swiping its beautiful pages easily. This beautifully designed Holy Quran application helps the users to read the Quran Majeed 16 lines by providing a clear view. The font style and size of the Holy Quran - قرآن مجید are suitable for all ages of users including children.

Features of Tilawate Quran Majeed, Holy Quran - قرآن مجید
Holy Quran 16 lines
Holy Quran translation in all languages
Reminder for Prayer time azan
Electronic Digital Counter Tasbih “Paternoster”
Find Qibla Direction at any place
Audio recite Six Kalimas, آیت الکرسی, تعوذ تسمیہ اور ایمان کی صفتیں etc
Tafseer Quran
Book for Dua “Hisnul Muslim حصن المسلم”
Recite the Holy Quran anytime
Bookmark option where you want
Search any surah or page and direct approach
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Abubakar HassanTue, Oct 3, 2023

Great 👌

habibullah tijjaniThu, Jul 27, 2023

Haji ifrees6270

Muhammad IdreesWed, Jul 5, 2023


Omar AfzalThu, Jun 15, 2023

تطبيق رائع🫡♥♥

Merhan MohamedWed, May 17, 2023

Frankly this is not supported I have never come across with this ridiculous thing Ads on QUR'AN🤔, waiyazubillah😭 I will just uninstall the app

Ameera UsmanSat, Apr 15, 2023

Impressive and I loved it!

Mamadou Yusupha CamaraFri, Apr 14, 2023
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