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Welcome to YOUR start to living FRESH!

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Welcome to YOUR start to living FRESH!
Welcome to YOUR start to living FRESH! 

FRESH FITNESS puts your training on autopilot by combining the power of a personal coach with automated overload.

Choose between FULL COMPREHENSIVE ONLINE COACHING or just enjoy using the APP to fast track your results by following a program and using our education vault to GAIN KNOWLEDGE.

Get customised workouts based on your specific goals, and ensure you're always reaching for bigger weights.
Easily track your diet and progression and get VISIBLE RESULTS as soon as possible!

FRESH FITNESS will help keep you disciplined and motivated while providing ALL the resources to become YOUR BEST new self.

- SCIENCE-BASED WORKOUTS - Gain muscle the RIGHT way!
- Customise for your schedule and your body!
- Get efficient with your workouts! Real-time breakdowns ensure proper reps and rest - without any wasted time.
- New to the gym? Not sure how to perform an exercise properly? Get video walkthroughs of every exercise.
- Want to make changes? Customise your routine and substitute exercises on the fly.
- Need dumbbell-only workouts? At-home workouts? Have limited equipment? Want a custom split? No problem. Change things up with ease.
- Want results ASAP? Intelligent tracking records every rep of every exercise, so you can maximise your progression.

CUSTOM MEAL PLAN Options and Recipes!
- Fuel the machine!
- Fitness nutrition for every goal!
- Have specific dietary goals? Get personalised goals for calories & macros
- Not sure what to eat? Get 100s of meal recipes tailored for your goals
- New to calorie tracking? Know EXACTLY how much you can eat and what to eat with our Educated vault!

- Fast-track your goals and progress!
- Stay motivated! Quickly check your progress from day 1 and see how far you've come!
- Know where you stand! Track your progress for every exercise over time.
- Apply maximum effort! Easily record and view sets/ reps/weights so you know how hard to push every workout while ensuring progressive overload.


We designed FRESH FITNESS to create VISIBLE, TANGIBLE results as soon as possible.
- If you want to become a better version of your current self, while consistently reaching for bigger weights - without the expense of a personal trainer.
- If you want tailored workouts that are designed for YOU, and accountability and rep-by-rep workout tracking..
- If you want to ensure you're eating properly and fuelling your gains - without spending hours entering it into some 'plan'.
- If you need anabolic/clean meal ideas and recipes...
Or if you just want a stress-free way to ensure you're maximising your results...

Then becoming FRESH is for you.
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- bug fixes and improvements

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