Great Botox Beauty Master

Great Botox Beauty Master

Make feel beautiful with facelift and rejuvenation by Botox injection.

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Make feel beautiful with facelift and rejuvenation by Botox injection.
Forever Young
Welcome to the glamorous world of Great Botox, where beauty knows no bounds! In this captivating mobile game, players step into the shoes of a skilled aesthetician, transforming clients into their most stunning selves. Embark on an unforgettable journey through a series of captivating episodes, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for makeover mastery.

- Make people looks younger.
- Be a boss of a Botox salon.
- Make your customers happy.
- Unlock different levels.
- Unlock different techniques.
- Become the most populer botox salon in the city.

Indulge your inner stylist as you navigate through a variety of aesthetic procedures, from subtle enhancements to jaw-dropping transformations. Whether it's applying makeup, giving a chic haircut, or perfecting the art of lipstick application, every detail counts in your quest to become the ultimate beauty guru. With a plethora of fashion choices at your fingertips, unleash your creativity and tailor each look to perfection.

Great Botox isn't just a game, it's a simulator of style and sophistication. Dive into a virtual world where beauty reigns supreme and fashion knows no limits. As you hone your skills and elevate your status as a top-tier stylist, unlock new tools and techniques to take your makeover mastery to unprecedented heights.

Dive into the transformative world of Great Botox, where rejuvenation is not just a promise but a reality. With the power of cutting-edge aesthetic procedures at your fingertips, breathe new life into your clients as you erase the marks of time and unveil their youthful glow. Whether it's smoothing out wrinkles, plumping lips, or rejuvenating tired skin, every session is a testament to the remarkable effects of skilled hands and modern techniques. Witness the joy and confidence that radiates from your clients as they emerge from your care looking and feeling revitalized. In Great Botox, the journey to rejuvenation is as thrilling as it is rewarding, offering a sanctuary where beauty knows no age and every client leaves feeling like their best self.

Designed with girl gamers and women in mind, Great Botox offers a sanctuary of beauty and empowerment. Embrace the opportunity to express yourself through the art of aesthetics, and watch as your clients blossom into confident, radiant individuals under your expert care. So, what are you waiting for? Step into the world of Great Botox and unleash your skills to rejuvenate people. Don’t forget, everyone wants to look younger!
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It doesn't even open

Rod SankawuloSun, Mar 31, 2024

The game doesn't work you can't even open it to play it downloaded it but it won't open so I can play it please fix the game

Sunya PerrySun, Mar 31, 2024
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Thu, Jan 11, 2024
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Wed, Mar 27, 2024
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