Watchmaker 2

Watchmaker 2

How to reassemble a watch movement that was deconstructed for cleaning?

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How to reassemble a watch movement that was deconstructed for cleaning?
In front of you you find the movement of a wrist watch – disassembled in up to 80 single parts.

Will you manage to assemble them and put it to operation again?

There are two pictures of the movement and two of the dial side – and some little hints and of course the necessery tools.
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Fun way to spend some time seeing how a watch goes together. Interface is a little frustrating at times but the game accommodates this limitation well enough.

Matt WilliamsMon, Jan 22, 2024

I just recently got into watchmaking, and so I find this app very helpful for practice and as a learning tool. I also have the pro version of Watchmaker 1. As far as I've seen on the app store, these are unique in their design. Each app has a different movement to reassemble. I only give 4 stars because some of the pieces can be very fiddly getting their rotation just right. Other than that, pieces generally will snap into place without too much fuss.

Fidget23Sun, Dec 3, 2023

Love this game and the attention to details, make exploring a mechanical watch such a pleasure. I'd suggest adding an automatic movement as a variation but so far I spent hours having fun and relaxing myself by diving in this game.

Ambroise PerruchoudThu, Sep 28, 2023

After completing Watchmaker, I decided to complete #2. The app is enjoyable and forces you to think about the order of assembly. The hints & in-app part descriptions can be key in understanding unfamiliar watch parts. I have never taken apart a watch which made the app more of a challenge to me. Selecting parts is sometimes difficult. Be observant of the relative layer that the part resides.

Bill M.Sat, Jul 15, 2023

Fun like app, but it takes time to do it right. It would be nice to have a reset button to find all parts not in place.

Jay RMon, Nov 21, 2022

The workspace can feel a bit crowded when you spread everything out to see what parts are what - it'd be nice if the main gears shrank down the way the bridges do, but I'm mostly nitpicking here. What would especially be nice is if a variety of movements (particularly a variety of the most commonly seen ones like Etas/clones, the Seiko NH35, the Miyota 8/9 series) to work on were included in a single app - currently the creator has 3-4 different watches but each is in a separate app.

Velvet SanityFri, Jul 29, 2022

This game is very educational and helpful for learning the mechanical watch movement, it really helps me understand how each movement correlate each other. Please make more different types of movement so that we can learn more about it.

Rienhart CambaTue, Jan 11, 2022
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Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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