Smart game Flashcards for kids

Smart game Flashcards for kids

Tile toddler flashcards is an educational, logic games for kids offline.

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Tile toddler flashcards is an educational, logic games for kids offline.
From an early age, the toddlers receives ideas about wildlife and various objects that surround him everywhere. Little children are very curious and want to know everything, so they begin to show interest in animals and the world around them. Getting acquainted with new objects, kids begin to memorize their names, characteristics and appearance. Also, children watch animals very carefully, remembering the most striking features of their body structure and habits.

The free toddler learning games is full of secrets and surprises that to unravel. Therefore, we bring to your attention educational games for children 5 years old, in which you need to connect logical matching games the tile app.

What is interesting in the game:
  • • Kids games - where whose mother is animals;
  • • Opposites - match flashcard game for kids;
  • • Fascinating levels matching puzzle games;
  • • Logic games without internet;
  • • Kids games for boys and girls;
  • • Match master memory games;
  • • Free games for kids;
  • • Funny music;
  • • Awards.

In the application "Smart games: flashcards for kids" the child will be able to test his knowledge and learn a lot of new things. The puzzle games offline is intended for children from 3 years old. The application learning games for toddlers has different game modes.

In the first mode brain games, toddler flashcards with images of different animals are presented. In the top row, the animals are mothers, and in the bottom row are their babies. Children need to carefully look at the pictures and choose the right pairs tile connect (mother and baby). It's not difficult at all! For example, if the picture shows a cow, then you need to find a calf, etc.

In the second game mode toddler games, you need to find pairs of pictures that seem opposite in some way. For example: day-night, clean-dirty, open-closed, etc.

The kid will be very interested in picking up tile matching games and he will do a good job with this task. Moreover, for the correct connection of the tile games, the child will receive everyone's favorite ice cream as a reward. And who would refuse such a delicacy!

Different games for boys and girls from the category offline games for free tile app will help children learn to compare animals and different objects, highlight the main features and reinforce the concepts of “different”, “same”, “pair”.

Learning games for kids will not only allow you to have fun and carefree time, but also help children study new objects and different animals. Such kids games develop attentiveness, logical thinking and many other useful skills.
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This game is just amazing. "Find a match" is super helpful for children’s brain growth. Thanks to the developers for making such a great game for kidz.

rh labidFri, Feb 26, 2021

The application is great for child kids. I like the application and my children like it.

MD MAHABUBThu, Feb 25, 2021

great fun game for kids dont miss 💚

armin 27Wed, Feb 24, 2021

This game is beautifully and cleverly designed and will entertain you a lot

ali yousefiWed, Feb 24, 2021

Wow amazing apps.. It's graphic & sound is awesome.. I love this game❤️❤️

Rabby HossainMon, Feb 22, 2021

Wonderful apps i reAlly love it to playyy..very fun to play

Md GolapSun, Feb 21, 2021

this app is really interesting.good game for children

Jannatul NayemTue, Feb 16, 2021
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