Fun Bridge

Fun Bridge

Learning and playing bridge is easy and good for memory!

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Learning and playing bridge is easy and good for memory!
Funbridge is an online bridge game allowing you to learn and play duplicate bridge wherever and whenever you like.

Bridge is a card game played with four people who play as two competing teams of two players called ""pairs"" (North-South and East-West). The players of the same team sit across from each other at a card table. Bridge consists of two parts: the auction, which determines the contract to fulfil, and the play, where the side that wins the bidding tries to take the tricks necessary to make their contract.

On Funbridge, you play South while North, East and West are played by the same artificial intelligence (AI) at all tables. So no need to wait until other players are available to play. The AI is available 24/7!

Other players play the same deals as you. The aim is to achieve the best result. You enter rankings allowing you to compare your play to other players.

Funbridge is designed for any type of players: from beginners (introductory module, lessons, exercises) to experts (tournaments). It also suits any player who wants to start playing bridge again (practice, challenges against friends).

Game modes:
- Get started with bridge: (re)discover the basics of bridge.
- Series tournaments: perfect to see how you compare with players of your level.
- Tournaments of the day: compare yourself to players from all around the world.
- Practice deals: play deals at your own pace without stress.
- Face the elites: pit yourself against top players from the Elite series.
- Challenges: challenge any player in head-to-head tournaments.
- Two-player game: practise with your favourite partner.
- Team Championship: create your team and compete against teams from all over the world.
- Federation tournaments: improve your federation ranking thanks to official tournaments held conjointly with bridge federations.
- Funbridge Points tournaments: play these tournaments to enter the Funbridge Points rankings and compare yourself to all players.
- Exclusive tournaments: create your own tournaments and discuss the deals you play.
- Commented tournaments: get valuable advice from a bridge champion.

You can also:
- Pause your deal or tournament
- Watch a replay of other players' moves
- Replay deals that you have already played
- Get the meaning of the bids made at the table
- Seek advice from the AI in case of doubt
- Set your bidding and card play conventions
- Access an analysis of your play once the deal is over
- Meet your friends and chat with them

Internet connection required: the AI is not in the app, which is therefore much more efficient and we can continuously improve it without you having to update it.
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Review Breakdown

The worst app if your just begining like me. There lessons are vague, and seem unfinished. The articles are only helpful if you already know how to play. The membership is EXPENSIVE. I used to like bridge, and was enjoying it, and was making progress when learning on other apps. Now after joining funbridge for 30 bucks a month I'm frustrated confused and can honestly say I hate bridge. So fun.

Chris TerpstraTue, Nov 28, 2023

For some reason, I am not able to access this app from any of my devices in spite of the face that I have an active account with you

Anna Murray CurtisFri, Nov 24, 2023


Aldeon Wayne GourleyMon, Nov 20, 2023

Used to be my favorite app. New format is smaller, and there are unnecessary things happening. Ex; the game turns over each card, being played, in a jerky manner, Argine name is flashing in front of the the other players when it's their turn. Old version was so much better. Canceling my subscription

Paulette BulleyFri, Nov 17, 2023

The last update has made the game slow and erratic. The developers of the game should take feedback before changing things every now and then.

A Google userTue, Nov 14, 2023

EDIT: 15 Nov update has restored the old (better) game table option. Really not happy with the 10 Nov 2023 update. Please allow the older table UI, please.

Alan AuerbachSun, Nov 12, 2023

Brilliant bridge app

Prudence ClarkSun, Nov 12, 2023
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Thu, Aug 16, 2012
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Mon, Nov 27, 2023
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1 week ago
The app is regularly updated (bug fixes and improved performance) to offer you the best gaming experience. Thank you for using Funbridge!
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