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Lumiterra: Battle, farm, and team up in a vast multiplayer open-world.

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Lumiterra: Battle, farm, and team up in a vast multiplayer open-world.
Lumiterra(Beta): The Ultimate MMORPG Adventure Awaits! 🌌

Dive into the enchanting world of Lumiterra, an open-world Exploration game where every corner holds a new Adventure. Whether you're a fan of Action-packed battles, Farming simulators, or both, Lumiterra has something special for you.

🌍 Multiplayer Mode: Whether you’re a solo player or someone who loves teaming up with friends, Lumiterra's Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes have got you covered. Explore vast terrains, forge alliances, and venture on quests together in this ultimate MMORPG experience.

⚔️ Epic Battles: Arm yourself with various weapons and skills and take on formidable monsters. Embrace the Roguelike elements as every battle brings a new challenge, promising intense Action and strategic gameplay.

🌱 Engaging Farming Features: It's not all about the battle in Lumiterra. Cultivate your farm, grow diverse crops, and even catch and nurture monsters! Immerse yourself in this Simulation where Farming and Role Playing blend seamlessly.

🌳 Collect & Craft: Journey through different regions, collecting grass, wood, and rocks. Utilize these materials, along with spoils from battles, to craft powerful weapons, mystical totems, potent potions, and more.

Survive, Thrive & Conquer: At its core, Lumiterra is a Survival game where players must adapt, strategize, and overcome challenges in a dynamic environment. From farming to fighting, crafting to collecting, Lumiterra offers a comprehensive gaming experience that caters to all.

Join the Lumiterra family today! Uncover mysteries, face epic battles, and create your own legacy in this sprawling open-world MMORPG. Your adventure awaits... 🛡️🌟
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Can't play. Literally just downloaded it but when I open the game it tells me to update via Google playstore. But I downloaded it today. There are no updates for it today. Can't give a proper review until you guys fix this issue.

Chase LeeTue, Dec 19, 2023

Not a bad game, nice style and world but low on player population

chase williamsSat, Dec 16, 2023

Itch version and playstore version different.

Lilya RinnFri, Dec 15, 2023

Not optimized 🫤

Emmanuel RubioTue, Dec 12, 2023

Absolutely love Lumiterra! It's an amazing blend of Exploration and Farming. This MMORPG offers both Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes, making it versatile for every type of player. I'm so into the Adventure and Action elements as I navigate this vast open world. The crafting feature is superb, allowing me to use materials from battles and farming. Must-try for anyone who's into Role Playing and Simulation!

Kholik AbdurohmanMon, Dec 11, 2023

Super 🤍

Randima PahanSun, Dec 10, 2023

Worst,stupid game.I need to kill with empty-handed 1 mob what kill me each time.And big delay, uninstall.

Eugen-F. BulbucSun, Nov 26, 2023
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Thu, Aug 24, 2023
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Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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3 months ago
Update the game.

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