Levistone Story Global

Levistone Story Global

embark on your rogue pixel adventure

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Free (IAP)
3.9 (197)
United States United States
embark on your rogue pixel adventure
【Gameplay Feature】
Easy and Fun Combat
Unique dual-skill combat with manual play. No matter monster armies or mythical bosses, all yield to your power.

Play Your Very Own Marvellous Town
The little town is full of surprises, planting fruits and veg, fishing and BBQ to be the big chief, and cooking hundreds of dishes to gain powerful attributes.

Unlimited Mix of Tactical Genres
Dozens of occupational skills, monster drops its attribute cards, random attributes + affixes to equip weapons allowing mix and match freely to create your strongest dungeon brave team.

Build Relationships in Fun Interactive Way
Thumbs up for sending love, stall new goods to trade with, the competitive battle for the game and meeting friends for life!
Category Ranking
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Review Breakdown

Lots of bugs that can ruin your game progression, awful customer support — they just said that there're no bugs and that i have to deal with it myself. You can progress in game without $$$ but its not f2p friendly, simply someone can spend 50-100$ once a week or two for stuff that you're NEVER going to get as f2p (fish pet or SSS red pets from BP) or gems of lvl9 which takes probably a year to farm Overall the game would've been not that bad if it was more player friendly

Nutachi NepuWed, May 15, 2024

Game is great but I lost my account when I swapped from original to global and I used same login thru Google

Devin ThomasTue, May 14, 2024

Version 1.0.18 broke the game for me. Game won't start up, its just stuck on the title image. Update: they fixed the problem within a day, 5-star devs!

Andre PondFri, Apr 12, 2024

It doesnt even let me open the game.

FluffydragonThu, Apr 11, 2024

It's OK at this point. Movement feels wonky, English Translations are ok. You get what they mean but sounds like broken English. Give it a try but at this state I can't play it myself. Feels not polished enough to keep me entertained.

Ze HatterWed, Apr 3, 2024

Добавить Россию.

Victoria Chan xD (Just nickname vcp1996?)Mon, Apr 1, 2024

Honestly, one of the best (mmo)rpg on the playstore. This game is pavked with content, and I mean PACKED. Always something to do and the progression is great. Played almost 30h and still didn't spend and I'm still progressing at a good pace. Only 4/5 stars for 2 main reasons. The translation is a little iffy, I can understand everything, but somethings aren't very clear because of it. The second reason is the cash shop, a little to much of it, but not more then anyother f2p games honestly. I

Simon LaplanteSat, Mar 30, 2024
Download & Revenue
DOWNLOAD 14Apr 2024Worldwide
REVENUE$13.7KApr 2024Worldwide
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Release Date
Thu, Feb 29, 2024
Update Date
Mon, May 6, 2024
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1 week ago
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