Scary Horror House- Teddy Game

Scary Horror House- Teddy Game

Evil teddy in the haunted spooky escape game & Face a scary teddy bear

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Evil teddy in the haunted spooky escape game & Face a scary teddy bear
The Scary Horror House - Teddy Game 3D 2022 is a new Thriller, Suspense ultimate survival game featuring one of the most frightening and deadliest character teddy bear. The game starts as you enter the Freddy's motel as a caretaker of the place but due to some reason there is no one in the hotel so you have to stay alone for few days at the freddyy. No bus comes near to that town as early as five days so you must wait there until the next bus comes.

Your role as a caretaker is to watch out for the hotel as nothing crazy happens in he hotel through surveillance cameras, roaming around the hotel to ensure that everything is in the order and the store which is in he hotel. There are things which are limited to you like power supply, food, lanterns and batteries or the torches. Now you have to manage it accordingly. Scary nights starts this game with the character of scary teddy freddyy is just like your scary granny , evil nun, scary evil teacher, scary neighbor, and scary doll so have a deep breathe and start facing the real scariest nights of the year.

The Evil Spirits and the Empty Spaces have their relationship that is very old. The toy section in the store has a big Brown TEDDY with red eyes and big nails that can kill you once they penetrate in your heart. The Big Teddy has ability to summon the small teddies that together will come after you and will come after you and search for your presence all around the hotel. Once you get their attention he become more proactive and enraged so better stay away from them and if by one chance you kill any small teddy from heir group that will make them even more angry and rebellious so better watch your actions.

The actions of the horror game in and as teddy would be inactive in he day period of time but when the sun sets the teddy and co rise and then they take the charge of the hotel. The first night the remain calm just wonder about here and there and move things placed in he hotel. The second night they judge the presence of someone who is watching hem so they become cautious and alert. The third night they search for every spot of the hotel each and every room except the surveillance room. The fourth night there is a possible chance that you might need to switch off the half the lights of the hotel as you are short on he power supply so you might find the teddy and co more panicked it yet furious You will need to take advise from the responsible persons from the audio messages you receive on your phone.

THE Last Day: The fifth and the last night is the most terrifying and horrific night for you as the teddies cut off the Electric, Phone lines so there is darkness and no assistance from the audio messages and now you on your own. Fool off the teddies, use tools to attack them Or run as fast as you can to escape from them and reach back to the town bus and move the bus before teddies get on it and kill you in the bus and drive your body to he same hotel.

Teddy five nights Horror Game Storyline:

Enter in the teddy house
5 days to escape
Run & Escape plan
Enjoy horrifying and scary scenes.
Spooky 3D
Teddy Horror Game
Scary game offline
Haunted house game
Horror games 3D
Haunted games
Scariest game
Horror games offline

The Extreme and Thrilling Features of the game are:-
• Stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics simulation
• Easy, Smooth and User-Friendly controls
• Real Time Suspense, Escape and Horror experiences
• Terrifying scenarios and Complex missions
• Modern Tools and Weapons to ease your escape
• Simple and Addictive Action and Horror game
• Limited power and Extreme Challenges
• Terrifying teddy bear encounters and escapes.

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