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Gun Broker: Weaphones & AK

Gun Broker: Weaphones & AK


Disassemble hundreds of weaphones: AK, revolver and pistol with Gun builder 3D

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Fri, Oct 7, 2022


🔫 This game is a gun builder simulation or gun building games which allows you to assemble and disassemble (also known as field stripping) several firearms from different eras.
🔫 Gun Broker is a realistic weaphones gun maker game which is a paradise for gun enthusiasts like other gundealio games such as gun idle gun disassembly, airsoft, machine gun, igun pro 2, i gun pro 2, gun club, ar gun, gun building games, fake gun, gun disassembly. It possesses outstanding graphics and realistic interaction to provide players with highly detailed information about guns: ak, machine guns, gun idle gun disassembly, ar gun, revolver, pistol, gun club, gundealio, airsoft and their mechanisms through Gunbroker’s gameplay.

🔫 Download the most realistic and comprehensive interactive gun encyclopedia ever created! Virtually fire the top weapones of the world and customize your weapones gun maker with attachments, camouflage patterns you can create, and enter those guns: ak, ar gun, revolver, pistol, gun idle gun disassembly, gun club, gundealio, airsoft, machine guns,...
Do you know how the insides of a Terminator’s Minigun work? Try Gun Broker: the world’s most realistic 3D simulator of firearms. Find out what makes legendary pistols, ak, ar gun, revolver, rifles, machine guns, gun club, gundealio, gun idle gun disassembly, airsoft and artillery pieces tick… Then disassemble weapons down to the tiniest part!

🔫 Gun Builder 3D - Fake Gunbroker has everything that made the original great and builds upon the core features by adding several exciting new gameplay elements for users to enjoy:

High-quality graphics for ultra-realistic simulation
+100 weapons such as: pistol, revolver, AK, ar gun, gun club, gundealio, gun idle gun disassembly, airsoft, machine guns... with the best realistic parts from the smallest details in Fake Gun broker game
A vast arsenal of Soviet-bloc guns, from various AKs to the rarest VSS Vintorez only have in Gunbroker
A dainty pocket derringer or a fire-breathing M134 Minigun
The living sound from the fake gun can prank your friends and create the funny time besides your friends
Lots of knowledge you can get from many kinds of guns all over the world with gun maker.
Realistic atmosphere creates the most realistic experience of testing your own fake guns with Gunbroker - Gun club AK

The first impression in Gun Builder that it brings to people is the absolute realism in its graphics and interactions. Not only that, but the gun building games’ camera mechanism is flexible so that anyone can freely inspect weapons from multiple angles and monitor their designs or structures in stages with Gun Builder - Gun building games.

The player’s main job in the gun broker game - weaphones & ar gun is to become an expert assessor of modern weapons through all complex processes. That includes starting with handguns to heavy weapons and gradually expanding the inspecting abilities with various new weapons in gunbroker 3D - weaphones gun maker gun building games. As players continuously complete missions from the system, they can unlock more new weapons and indulge in inspecting them all.

The process of inspecting every weapon in Gun broker: Weaphones & AK gun maker begins with dismantling them completely to understand the structure from the small parts. Interestingly, players can challenge themselves to the speed of disassembly through many modes and gradually become an expert at disassembling or assembling different types of weapons. When players completely remove any weapon, they will gain more experience points to upgrade or unlock new weapons.

❤️ I hope you like this Gun Broker: Weaphones & AK game so We are keen to listen to your feedback.❤️

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Way too many adds

Tyler WalkerSun, Nov 20, 2022

Aka cool

STRAYTue, Oct 25, 2022

Curtis Hf

Jibron maddoxTue, Oct 11, 2022

Didn't even get to gameplay before uninstalling. Opened it up for the first time, was asked to allow notifications, instantly shown two ads, then closed it. Even if this was the best game in the world, that is not worth it.

Alexander CochraneTue, Oct 11, 2022

Ad not even 15 seconds into it

The Slank MeisterWed, Oct 5, 2022


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