Todaii: Learn French by news

Todaii: Learn French by news

Learn French by reading French articles & practice vocabulary with Flashcards

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Learn French by reading French articles & practice vocabulary with Flashcards
Easy French - Easy Life

Train your brain with French news

Todaii: Easy French News - Learn French through bilingual news integrated with a French dictionary to improve listening, reading, and pronunciation skills, and expand French vocabulary. The effective learning French method: French article, videos and podcasts at all levels. The French learning app allows you to listen to and read French news daily provided by TV5monde, Lefigaro, France24, Francetvinfo in a very simple way.

French news is provided by TV5monde, Lefigaro, France24, Francetvinfo and is constantly updated so you don't miss anything.

- 100 daily updated articles: Learn French vocabulary and grammar structures in an academic manner
- Trending bilingual videos and podcasts: Practice listening and pronunciation like a native speaker
- Over 298,000 French vocabulary with detailed examples: Use vocabularies and phrases flexibly in many contexts
- Apply "Spaced Repetition" to 2387 quizzes and flashcards to enhance reading comprehension and deep memorization

🔥Develop Skimming and Scanning skills (newspapers)
Learn French from basic to advanced, easily choose according to proficiency level, diverse topics in life: sports, politics, culture, health, economy, etc.
- Selective and reputable sources: TV5monde, Lefigaro, France24, Francetvinfo, etc.
- French vocabulary marked by levels from DELF A1 to DALF C2
- Customize font and audio format for reading and viewing newspapers
- Save and note vocabulary directly on the articles

🔥Improve French listening and pronunciation speed
Familiarize yourself with French intonation and pronunciation in various trending topics
- Bilingual French English subtitles - Easy to adjust and follow
- Save and review favorite French videos/podcasts

🔥Use French vocabulary flexibly in many contexts
Skip the interruption with French English dictionary and translation box directly on the article, video subtitles
- French dictionary with 298,000 detailed French vocabulary meanings
- Choose specific pronunciation, audio, and images for each word
- Learn French flexibly with common examples and phrases
- Master the French grammar structure of each word
- Translate French to English, English to French quickly and accurately

🔥Remember 200 French vocabulary per week
Apply Spaced Repetition to enhance reading comprehension and deep memorization of French: Vocabulary notebook, Flashcards, and Quizzes
- Customize your French vocabulary notebook by topic and preference
- Flashcard classified by level
- Test your knowledge and practice reading comprehension with Quizzes at the end of the article

🔥Maintain the habit of learning French
Never miss the Streak chain and track your progress with measurement tools, daily notification reminders and easy customization settings

🎯EASY FRENCH NEWS - Todaii is suitable for learners who:
- Self-study French at home for all proficiency levels
- Prepare for French language certificates: DELF, DALF, FLE, and TCF
- Use French flexibly in many contexts from communication to academic
- Improve reading and listening skills across different topics and voices

Todaii - Easy French News
Apprendre français facilement
Just 20 minutes a day to learn French anywhere

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to the email address: [email protected]
Your contribution motivates us to develop Todaii - Easy French News more and more perfectly.
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Excellent for learning the language in context.

David CarltonMon, Nov 20, 2023

I really appreciate your app, it's somewhat helpful for my own sake in learning this language. Aside from that, I'm absolutely comfortable with all the ads.

Hoàng Lâm NguyễnSun, Nov 19, 2023

Very good learning tool

YT HwangSat, Oct 28, 2023

I seem to be getting a lot of videos, when I'd prefer print news. Everything also seems so thrown together, I feel no sense of organization with the app, e.g., videos and articles are not separated, hard and easy (levels) are not separated, etc. So random and disorganized.

GreenFlashAtSunsetッSun, Oct 22, 2023

Speed doesnt work. Nor does voice selection.

Spirit SpliceTue, Oct 17, 2023

It relies on their search detecting the language when you search for a translation, so you can highlight a word and get a translation, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes it returns a result for another language. Ex: It didn't recognise that "Lois" means laws, saying that it's a woman's name.

Katherine RadcliffeSun, Oct 8, 2023

Very helpful apk

Temesgen MamoSat, Oct 7, 2023
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