Scientific Calculator FYX-27

Scientific Calculator FYX-27

An "Advanced Scientific Calculator" for engineers and science students

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An "Advanced Scientific Calculator" for engineers and science students
The Advanced Scientific Calculator application provides a series of calculations from the simplest to the most complex for different areas of exact knowledge, being highly recommended for professionals such as: Engineers, Physicists, Chemists, Mathematicians and professionals or students from other areas of science knowledge. Exact Sciences .

Functions that are part of this calculator:


This tool, in addition to being able to calculate the simplest trigonometric functions, such as:

✔ Sine, cosine, tangent and their inverses.

It can also calculate:

✔ Extremely complex trigonometric equations with several algebraic, modular and complex functions, also being able to operate with degrees or radians.

Physical :

When we want to study physical laws that describe nature and the universe, we use many mathematical models such as:

✔ Approximation and variation .

Which can be easily studied using this app especially when these models are algebraic.


This scientific calculator has a computer algebra system that includes:

✔ Six functions for simplifying and factoring equations or algebraic expressions.

In addition to being able to solve a huge variety of equations such as:

✔ Equations of the first, second, third and fourth degree
✔️ Polynomial equations
✔ Trigonometric equations
✔️ Transcendent Equations
✔ Rational and irrational equations
✔️ Exponential Equations
✔ Logarithmic equations
✔️ Linear and nonlinear equations

In addition to a host of other equations, even reaching differential equations.


The calculator can also do extremely complex calculations within the Calculus 1 course, including calculations for:

✔ Derivative
✔️ Integrate

And equations involving the two quantities such as:

✔ Ordinary differential equations .


Within arithmetic with this calculator, you can do calculations like:

✔️ Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
✔ Potentiation and rooting
✔️ Fractions
✔ Percentage
✔️ Scientific notation
✔ Numerical expressions
And even slightly more complex calculations such as:
✔️ Logarithm


Within the geometry, this calculator can do calculations such as:

✔ Pythagoras Theorem

In addition to several other calculations involving internal and external angles of plane and spatial geometric shapes, it can also find geometric and trigonometric solutions for equations involving trigonometric functions.

Combinatorial analysis, probability and statistics .

Within the combinatorial analysis discipline, this tool can perform calculations such as:

✔️ Arrangement
✔ Permutation
✔️ Combination
✔ Factorial

In addition to being able to work with ease in sample analysis in statistics and probability.

Even with so many complex calculations, this scientific calculator is extremely easy to use, as it tries to tolerate as much as possible user errors for easy use by beginner students or those who still do not have such great skill with scientific calculation applications.

So you just need to know the calculation you want to perform and not worry about anything else, because the application will try to understand the calculation and perform it in the best possible way.

The tool also has a layout that was designed to facilitate the use of the main functions of the tool, extremely complex mathematical sentences can be calculated in seconds, with just a few clicks.

The layout is also super modern, easy to understand and yet extremely similar to a physical calculator, with it you can spend hours doing calculations, without finding the layout tiring.

Important !

Although the application does the same functions and even more than a physical scientific calculator, the functions and layout were produced by our team and do not imitate any physical scientific calculator.
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