Prose model essay is a good helper for your education, study and reference.

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Prose model essay is a good helper for your education, study and reference.
1. Application Introduction
"Prose", including tens of thousands of sample essays, is a good helper for your education, study and reference. If you need essay content, please find other similar versions of this application.
The application includes hundreds of thousands of essays of almost all types, which is a good helper for your writing. Fine classification for your study.

Main functions and contents:
1. This application supports automatic switching between traditional and simplified, and it will automatically convert from traditional to simplified according to the language set on the phone, which is simple and fast
2. The classification of prose materials is clear, there are large classifications, small directories, and there will be no repeated prose directories
3. The application has a search function, which can be quickly searched, such as inputting "love", and the relevant content will be found instantly
4. The application has a collection function. When you encounter a favorite prose, you can save it, and it will be easier to find when you study again.
5. Copy function, you can copy all the content of the article with one click and share it with the same study
6. Font settings, you can set the font size and font color
7. Background settings, you can set different backgrounds according to day or night. Different backgrounds have dark and light colors, which are suitable for protecting children's eyes.
8. Streamlined and generous UI design makes learning more attentive and free from distractions
9. It is free to use, if you like it, give it a good rating

2. Massive resources, fine roots

《Excellent Prose》
《Beautiful Prose》
《Sad Prose》
《Emotional Essays》
《Writing Essays》
《Philosophical Prose》
《Mood Essay》
《Beautiful Articles》
《Love Prose》
《Lyrical Prose》
《English Prose》
《Modern Prose》
《Short Prose》
《Classic Prose》
《Network Prose》
《Prose Appreciation》

More exciting, welcome to download and experience! Thanks for your use!
If you have any good suggestions, please give feedback through the mailbox in the APP!
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很多优秀散文能阅读 闲暇之余不错的选择

THAM HANThu, Feb 1, 2024
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