Learn Arabic Words and Stories

Learn Arabic Words and Stories

Bedouin - Learn Arabic words with practice games and Arabic stories

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Bedouin - Learn Arabic words with practice games and Arabic stories
Do you want to learn Arabic (MSA)? Well, you're in the right spot. Learning Arabic vocabulary is now easier with our Arabic words and stories app. Learn Arabic language in a modern way using flashcards, translations, stories, word decks, and much more. Arabic learning, words and stories bring you a modern approach to learn Arabic with practice games.

With the learning Arabic app, users can learn Modern Standard Arabic (similar to classical Arabic). Dive into the journey to learn Arabic with traditional Arabic stories and words. Learn Arabic vocabulary through word decks such as anatomy, colours, animals, verbs, time, travel, work, etc. Explore and learn more than 1500+ Arabic words and practice them with free short stories specifically designed for Arabic learners. Our best Arabic learning app is free to use, contains no intrusive ads, and is suitable for all Arabic learners.

Learn Arabic with practice games anytime, anywhere with the offline feature. Download now!

Special Features:
Are you planning to learn Arabic words and improve your Arabic vocabulary? Learn simple Arabic stories with English translations and audio, which makes memorizing basic Arabic words easier. Check your learning score and track your Arabic learning progress with our stats. Check out the features now:

• Test your basic Arabic knowledge with addictive Arabic games.
• Learn Arabic with practice games and simple Arabic stories with English translation and Arabic audio.
• With no intrusive ads, reading Arabic stories and learning new Arabic words is easier than ever.
• Learn Arabic for beginners to intermediate level with 1500+ Arabic words (and more Arabic vocabular coming soon!)
• Keep your motivation going by viewing in-depth statistics and tracking progress.
• Maintain a daily streak to read Arabic short stories for language learning.

How to Learn Arabic Words?
Our app has realized that stories, flashcards, and games make Arabic learning much more fun. For this sole reason, our best Arabic learning app brings you a game-filled learning Arabic experience. This Arabic learning app consists of Arabic stories where you can learn standard Arabic words. Easily learn Arabic words now with games.

Our Arabic for beginners app consists of a fun-filled experience to learn the Arabic language. The app includes many word decks and several game types.

Four game types: Flashcards, guess translation, match columns, and Arabic typing.
How to Listen to Arabic Stories:
Simple Arabic stories with English translation and Arabic audio are the fastest way to get acquainted with Arabic words. Our stories collection consists of traditional Arabic short stories for language learning: Juha and the thief, the lost treasure, the child and the grocer, and many more.
The users can tap on each basic Arabic word to reveal an English translation and complete reading the story.

How to Purchase Word Decks:
Our reading Arabic app has all the necessary word decks to learn Arabic vocabulary. The difficulty ranges from beginner to intermediate level. Users can also purchase word decks with Beducoins to learn MSA Arabic words. Beducoins can be purchased or gained via watching ads.
The new Arabic word decks also help make you proficient in learning Arabic. Don’t forget to check your daily progress in the profile menu.

Easy Learn Arabic Words Now!
Learn Arabic vocabulary with curated words, including example sentences for each word, Translation into English, plural forms, word types, and roots to understand each word in depth. Also, with audio, users can the Arabic learning app to learn difficult words with accurate Arabic pronunciation. Learn Arabic Words and Stories now!
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One of my favorite app for practicing arabic

Alhassan SaiduFri, Mar 22, 2024

It's supposedly useful for learning arabic. However, the application is not really user friendly. The app got frozen in the middle of quiz and crashed.

Kitt AnTue, Feb 13, 2024

The best for learning arabic. OMG what a great app. It's like a dream. I have never ever imagined that one can develop such a great app. Anyone now can learn Arabic

JameelSat, Jan 20, 2024

best app ever

zain techMon, Oct 23, 2023


Shakera KhatoonFri, Oct 6, 2023

I like the app but sometimes the voice doesn't match the word. For example; هي is pronounced as هو. Or the pronouncations are not the same as the romanization. Like خاتم, the voice is Khaatamun but the romanization is Xaatim. I don't understand why خ is 'X', it should be 'Kh'. I don't know if this only happens to me so yeah. I like the stories though, it's nice!

Savage CaratWed, Oct 4, 2023

Dab bad

Ms 1Tue, Sep 5, 2023
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Mon, Jun 27, 2022
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Wed, Mar 27, 2024
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3 weeks ago
Stability improvements. 
User experience improvement.

This version paves the way for a feature heavy release in the near future. Stay tuned!
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