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FindTutors - Private Tutors

Find the perfect private tutor near you for free

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Find the perfect private tutor near you for free
FindTutors - Find the best private tutor near you for free. Classes that suit the way you learn. Now geolocated.

Contact private tutors or students looking for a tutor: use the chat to send them a message and show your interest.

Want to receive private classes? Use the free FindTutors app to find your perfect private tutor for any subject (languages, maths,school, programming, yoga...) near you.

Are you a tutor looking for students to teach? In the FindTutors app you will find thousands of students looking for a teacher, you just have to contact them and offer them classes.

You can choose according to subject, level, location, experience and opinions. Chat beforehand via using our messaging service. Remember that there is no limit to the number of people you can contact. If you contact more than one person, you can choose the one that suits you best.

How do I pay for the classes? You pay the tutor directly once you finish the private class. We don't charge anything.

(How to advertise as a tutor)

FindTutors makes it easy for tutors to find students who want to have lessons in their area. Advertise your private classes for free: publish your advert indicating the subject you want to teach and complete your profile. Don't forget to choose a photo that represents you! It will be your letter of introduction and the first thing students will see.

Publish your advert for free. There are no commissions. You decide how much you want to charge. Flexible hours. Students will contact you using the app’s messaging service.

Choose from over 350 subjects: languages, school revision, programming and even swimming.

More than 3 million students have already found their tutor. What are you waiting for?


FindTutors is the free and easy way to find your ideal private tutor. Get access to thousands of students looking for classes!

*Word of mouth works, but how about a little nudge to find the right tutor? You can choose and be guided by experience, qualifications and even ratings from other students to make sure your choice is the right one.

*Search for your teacher according to your needs: Choose by subject, price, timetable and location. In the FindTutors app, you will find tutors for more than 350 subjects: languages such as English, French, Russian and Japanese, school revision for children, programming, digital marketing and software such as Photoshop...

We even have yoga, singing and cooking! And all of these classes can be found in your area.

Download the FindTutors app now and join the largest community of private tutors and students in the UK.

Personalised learning has never been so easy.
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FindTutors - Find the best private tutor near you for free. Classes that suit the way you learn. Now geolocated.

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