IRV Hindi Bible

IRV Hindi Bible

IRV Hindi Bible - Read the IRV Hindi Bible orderly with Chapters, and Verses.

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IRV Hindi Bible - Read the IRV Hindi Bible orderly with Chapters, and Verses.
Concluding the Lord's words in the Old and New Testament in the Holy Scriptures that one can share with friends and relatives and listen to get good habits in life. Over the reading, if you don't know a word's meaning, no worries; the IRV Hindi Bible consists of a dictionary where one can get the same sense of the sentence.

There is always a pocket version of the Lord's wordings in the name of IRV Hindi Bible Apps that showcase one's proper path by enlightening their mind and heart with pure soul. The Psalm of God becomes part of daily life with IRV Hindi Bible reading at least one Verse a day can bring a vibrant change in your life. IRV Hindi Bible marks only a limited data packet connectivity to operate on displaying the wallpaper, highlighting videos of God's advice, and so on in the list.

Overall, the functions are easy to operate on Oly bible's IRV Hindi Bible app, both online and offline (with some options disabled). Everything we discussed is in the palm of one's hand for daily reference through the Android mobile application.


Quotes: Define the verses in different sections placed over an image that the user can use severally.

Videos: Play the wordings of God Jesus and become a disciple of him in the video format.

Wallpapers: The image that can fill as a colourful background on the main screen of your phone /Tablet representing the occasion of Gods and festivals.

Search: Looking out for a particular word search, then the result would bring matching in a marked visual of the whole Bible or New Testament or Old Testament.

Daily Verse: Start each of your days with the random verse that appears on the Holy Bible app, where it can be copied and shared.

My Library: Bookmark, Highlights, and Notes are a collection of titles.
  • Bookmark → Used to bookmark or save a verse.

  • Highlights → Used to color theme a verse

  • Notes → Used to take or mark some notes on a verse

Festive Calendar: Let us know about all the Christian festivals and events in this Calendar. Instantly share an image with an attached verse to others in WhatsApp and save it in Gallery.

App Settings:

Dark Mode: Make the bible reading in the dark mode with text inversed in white color and background color in black.

Font Settings: Kindly Select the Font Family and set the Font size in the application.

Themes: Change the color theme of the complete application from the available color palette.

Notification Alarm: Set the verse on a daily alarm that one is notified at a particular time.

Reset: It repositions all the settings changes alone to the default one.
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