SMEGo - Meningkatkan Pengalaman, Ketepatan dan Kecekapan Lawatan Tapak Anda

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SMEGo - Meningkatkan Pengalaman, Ketepatan dan Kecekapan Lawatan Tapak Anda
SMEGo seamlessly integrates digital solutions to manage all client site visits at the touch of your fingers. Everything from managing your visits and authenticating applications to tracking progress reports and facilitating annual reviews has never been more seamless. Boost SME Bank's efficiency with a host of features crafted to streamline operations and expedite decision-making.

Access all features easily in one place:
- Unify your site visit activities seamlessly with SMEGo.
- Access everything you need in one place, from locating customers effortlessly to managing every customer touchpoint.

Plan and manage site visits effortlessly:
- Enhance awareness and plan site visits strategically by identifying nearby customers based on customer location data.

View all customer information anytime, anywhere:
- Access detailed customer profiles at your fingertips.
- From loan details to contact information, get a holistic view to make informed decisions during site visits.

Site visit reports:
- Create, access, edit, and view summarised and easy-to-read site visit reports.
- Ensure accuracy and prevent fraudulent reports with geolocation verification, providing a secure and reliable assessment.

Guided forms to ease site progress reporting:
- Tailor your site visit questionnaires to fit your business needs.
- Capture information accurately and efficiently with guided, configurable forms during and after site visits.

Plan smarter with built-in financial calculators:
- Calculate fees transparently with built-in financial calculators, aiding real-time financial planning for your customers.

SMEGo isn't just an app; it's your partner in financial innovation. Elevate your site visit processes with SMEGo– download now and experience financial excellence like never before!
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