FPS Shooter game: Miss Bullet

FPS Shooter game: Miss Bullet

आधुनिक शूटर गेम खेलें! तेज-तर्रार और मिशन आधारित एफपीएस गेम।

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आधुनिक शूटर गेम खेलें! तेज-तर्रार और मिशन आधारित एफपीएस गेम।
Smart, calculated and cautious, Miss Bullet is a secret agent on a mission based FPS game. Deadly Miss Bullet is unstoppable in this fast-paced shooter game. There are no authorities for her, she is not told what to do, so beware when she’s approaching, she won’t hesitate to shoot and destroy you. Run for your life everyone, Miss Bullet is out to get you! Feels good, doesn’t it, being this hot chick for a day? 


Your entire city is surrounded by terrorists. You need to save the city from danger! Get in Miss Bullet’s shoes and play this fast-paced FPS game. Fulfill your mission - bring peace in this shooter game and stop the global attack. Start saving the world one villain at a time.
The targets are alive and can run fast. Do not be a slowpoke! Play FPS missions at a fast pace and kill your targets. Run ‘em down and shoot ‘em up! You are responsible, so shoot wisely. No, Beren is responsible. But wait, you are her. Take charge and fire away. Prove to everyone that you are the boss in this chaos and bring it to an end.

🔫 FPS Shooter game: Miss Bullet - FEATURES: 🔫

💣 Dynamic FPS shooter game with missions
💣 Simple controls and intuitive interface
💣 Wide range of guns - earn money after every mission and buy a gun you like
💣 3D Cartoonish graphics
💣 Action based music and banging sound effects
💣 Health & Shield - make sure to fill it up on each level

There’s a thin line between good and evil, so aim and kill your enemies! You like addictive gun shooters? Then fulfill the urge to kill terrorists in this new 3D shooter game. Miss Bullet FPS game is the one for you!

Like a sniper shooter action, FPS Shooter game: Miss Bullet is one of the shooter games of the next generation you will like the most! It's all about you! Aim, shoot, and repeat - the three rules to succeed.

Developed by Peaksel with Beren Guney.
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Pirtab BaiSun, Dec 3, 2023
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Mon, Feb 21, 2022
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Mon, Nov 20, 2023
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7+ के लिए रेट किया गया
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