MySalary Now

MySalary Now

MySalary के साथ आसानी से वेतन, कटौतियाँ प्रबंधित करें और अग्रिम अनुरोध करें

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MySalary के साथ आसानी से वेतन, कटौतियाँ प्रबंधित करें और अग्रिम अनुरोध करें
Introducing MySalary, the ultimate mobile app designed to bridge the gap between employees and HR administration seamlessly. MySalary is your go-to solution for a comprehensive overview of your earnings, deductions, and the ability to request salary advances with just a few taps on your device.

Key Features:
Salary Information: MySalary provides you with information on your Net Salary, Net Salary (Per Day) and Eligible Advance amount.

Salary Advance Requests: In need of urgent financial assistance? MySalary streamlines the process of applying for salary advances. Submit your request through the app, and get quick responses directly from your HR department

Note: MySalary is only available to employees of companies using MySalary. In addition there is only a facilitation charge and NO Interest percentage charged on the amount.

1. In Kenya Salary Advance ranges from Ksh 500 to Ksh 30,000
2. In Kenya Salary Advance is deducted by HR on your next salary
3. In Kenya Salary Advance have a standard withdrawal charges as per below
Kes 0 - Kes 2,000 = Kes 81
Kes 2,001 - Kes 2,000 = Kes 189
Kes 4,001 - Kes 4,000 = Kes 270
Kes 6,001 - Kes 6,000 = Kes 351
Kes 8,001 - Kes 8,000 = Kes 459
Kes 10,001 - Kes 12,000 = Kes 540
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Wed, Mar 27, 2024
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