My Virgin Media

My Virgin Media

The all-in-one app to help you manage your Virgin Media products and services.

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The all-in-one app to help you manage your Virgin Media products and services.
My Virgin Media is an all-in-one mobile app designed to give you full control over your Virgin Media products and services. Whether you're a broadband, TV or mobile customer, the app is the handiest way to manage your connectivity and your account, at home or on the move. It's tailored for you, giving you quick access to your account when you need it, keeping you in the loop with updates, exclusive offers and upgrades. From paying bills and installing new devices, to optimising your WiFi and keeping tabs on your usage, the power is in your pocket.

Key Features:
Account and Profiles:
• My Account: Manage your devices, app permissions, privacy settings, and view app policies.
• Add, Edit, Remove Profiles: Create, update, or remove profiles for different family members.
• Assign Devices: Allocate devices to specific profiles.
• Pause and Resume Connectivity: Control internet access for individual profiles.
• Parental Controls: Keep your family safe from harmful or inappropriate online content.

Home Screen: Stay updated with your account balances, billing details, and product overviews from your personalised home screen.

Manage Connectivity:
• Home Scan: Troubleshoot any connection issues by scanning and managing your WiFi in real time.
• Manage Devices: Oversee your kids access and pause or resume connectivity for individual devices.
• WiFi Details: Easily manage your primary and guest WiFi networks.
• Track my usage: Gain insights into your usage within the app.

• Payments: Make payments in-app or set up a direct debit, so it’s automatically sorted next time.
• Tracking: Track payment history and upcoming charges, so you always know exactly where you stand.
• My Bills: Bills are a breeze in My Virgin Media app! View your bills anytime or download a bill for reference

• Self-Install: Receive self-installation guidance and simple step-by-step guides.
• Live Chat: Connect with live customer support for quick assistance.
• Support Topics: Access handy support categories and articles.
• New Orders: Track order status, including self-install equipment or technician visits.
• Service Appointments: Schedule and manage technician visits easily from within the app

Offers and Updates:
• Offers and Upgrades: Stay informed about exclusive offers, available upgrades, and content tailored to you.
• Pay-Per-View Events: Get notified about upcoming events.
• Push Notifications: Receive important updates and links directly within the app.

My Virgin Media app brings you a handy, user-friendly experience to easily manage your Virgin Media services, get live support, and find out about exclusive offers for you. So go for it! Download the app and simplify your Virgin Media experience today.
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Cant sign it the app keeps breaking

ray meehanThu, Apr 4, 2024

Has never worked, still has old MAC address of previous router configured, so cannot access any of the Home Router features via app, despite numerous contacts with "support" team, deleting and recreating the account was the only thing they could come up with. User beware

Paul NortonWed, Mar 27, 2024

Very easy to navigate, has everything needed.

Eileen RouineSat, Mar 23, 2024

Keeps saying my password is wrong , change password won't let me save . Stick to webpage

Michelle CareyWed, Mar 13, 2024

Easy to use and stops me ever needing to call

TylerThu, Feb 15, 2024
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Sun, Nov 5, 2023
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Wed, Apr 3, 2024
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