Für außergewöhnliche Eltern und tolle Kinder

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Für außergewöhnliche Eltern und tolle Kinder
Tutorina is a complex educational app designed to empower parents in guiding their children's digital experiences. With the rapid growth of technology and the internet, it has become essential for parents to ensure their children's online safety and strike a healthy balance between their digital lives and real-world interactions. Tutorina serves as a trusted companion for modern parents, offering a comprehensive suite of features and tools to create a secure and nurturing digital environment.

1. Agreement: The app’s mechanism is designed to foster understanding and collaboration between parents and their children by providing a negotiated agreement. In today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to establish open communication channels and shared responsibilities within the family unit. Tutorina serves as a digital platform that empowers families to create agreements, set expectations and benefits, and build trust in a modern and convenient way.
2. Content Filtering: Tutorina provides parents with a filtering mechanism to manage access to inappropriate online content. This feature allows parents to tailor the online experience to match their child's age and maturity level, promoting a safe and healthy online environment.
3. Apps Monitoring and Filtering: Parents can gain insights into the apps their children are using and can set specific time limits or manage access to certain applications. This feature helps in managing screen time effectively and ensures that children engage in a balanced range of activities both on and off the screen.
4. Educational Feature: Equipped with an educational module, the app tailors learning experiences to each child's individual needs and learning style. Through adaptive algorithms and assessments, the parents or teachers can identify areas of strength and areas that require further attention, ensuring that children receive a personalized learning path that nurtures their unique abilities. The Educational Module enables quizzes and games covering various subjects, including mathematics, biology, physics, and more.
5. Localization: Tutorina offers real-time tracking of the device used by the child. allowing parents to know their child's whereabouts when they are outside. The localization feature enables setting up virtual boundaries, and parents receive notifications whenever their child enters or exits defined locations. This ensures added safety and peace of mind for parents.
6. Reports and Insights: The app generates comprehensive reports and insightful analytics on screen time, app usage, and internet activities. These reports empower parents with valuable data to understand their child's digital habits, identify potential concerns, and make informed decisions regarding their digital well-being.
7. Kids Gamification: The app employs a gamified progression system that motivates children to unlock levels, earn badges, and achieve higher levels. By providing immediate feedback, benefits, and friendly competition, Tutorina fuels children's intrinsic motivation, encouraging them to persist and excel in their learning journey.
8. Creating balance: Tutorina aims to create a harmonious digital ecosystem where children can explore, learn, and grow, while parents can proactively balance online activities with offline family time. By promoting responsible digital habits, Tutorina helps families strike the right balance between technology and face-to-face activities, in the modern digital age.

Tutorina uses a customized accessibility service, whose activation is essential to the proper functioning of the app. The service must be activated only when the application is configured in child mode and will allow the parent:
to know what apps are installed on the child's device
to block an app
to monitor the usage of each app
to enforce sleep time intervals
to restrict the Settings app by means of an authentication screen requiring PIN code

(Note: the child can still use Phone and Messages apps freely.)
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Wed, May 24, 2023
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Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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